What are you currently listening to?

New Sturgill Simpson!!! Fun fact: Sturgill and I were born on the same day!


My brother showed me this yesterday. It’s got the feels!

All the references in this video are great, but the overlying “The Lost Boys” theme is tops. I watched that movie soooo much, way back when.

The track is killer. I have no idea how this passed me by.

And yes, it’s the same guy from the movie playing that sax.


For non age restricted access

If you were a kid in the 80’s/early 90’s, you owe it to yourself to watch the “official music video”



Female reminds me of The Crow soundtrack vocals too. Lost Boys was the movie and soundtrack! So was Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction.


The From dusk till dawn and blade references were pretty great as well


Entombed - Rotten Soil

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Haha! Used to listen to Clandestine when I was in school - nearly 30 years ago.

You know their album Inferno? Really love this one - flexing muscles is sick! :v::facepunch:

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Pro Pain - Foul Taste of Freedom

the digital era made me appreciate so much more any music you could buy physically……. even when ‘vinyl record’
shops were slightly en vogue, i’d peel through their $2 CD used bins to find the pick of the litter…. and stack them next to my dirty old dance records


Some soulful jungle.


The best dance mix of all time Stream The Twelves The Twelfth Hour by Ryan Fong | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

If you like that old school new school funk mashup it doesn’t get any better

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What am I listening to?

Donda Chant Lyrics: Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda / Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, …

A bunch of local bands recently…

Phunkbot: Mighty Man - the 50 second mark is just :partying_face:

The Mound Builders: Wabash War Machine - it’s got a good groove.

Verbal Sludge - Epileptic Nightmare (joke djent)

Wrath of Tyrants: Abstract mind construct

Atrocity -

Fleshbore: Cynicism (these dudes are brutal)