what are some of your other hobbies?


Hey guys, yoyoing aside, what are some of your other hobbies? Instruments,sports,crafting, etc. I dont really have any actually, unless you wanna call video games a hobby :wink: how about you?


Saxophone. Listening to music. Longboarding. Snowboarding. Fitness. Photography.

That pretty much sums it up I think


I have a small pinball machine collection. I shoot guns. Play poker. Play electric bass. Play board/card games (agricola, innovations, dominion, etc.). Fly R/C helicopters. Croquet. Home automation/improvement. Electronics projects. Computer programming. And I run a business on the side of my regular job.

Oh, and next spring I am starting flying lessons (I hope) and am saving for an airplane for summer of 2015.

I live a hobby driven lifestyle.


I recently started spin tops, I also like to play tennis and read.

(WildCat23) #5

Guitar, songwriting (For my band), hockey, disc golf, juggling, (occasionally) drawing, building guitars, and more stuff that I’m probably forgetting.


I’ve started street skateboarding 4 days ago. And I flew R/C Helicopter (4 channel,in house and outside one). I play electric guitar for about 2 and a half years. And my other hobby is this:


Basically I post to a topic and that topic is dead. But at here my curse doesn’t work. So I stopped doing it and I’m happy about it.


I play disc golf and mod and solve Rubiks cubes. And if ya count cooking.


Power Rangers


Magic, kendama, diabolo, piano, astrojax


Juggle, speed cube, diabolo, astrojax, kendama, soccer, spin tops, and devil sticks


fitness & exercise, gopeds, dancing, cooking, guitars, snowboards, vaporizers


Swimming,riding my bike, wore jewelry making,playing the clarinet, knitting, walking, playing with our puppy, growing my hot peppers, caring for honey bees, cooking, playing minecraft, tree climbing, making YouTube videos, watching tv, and playing tennis.


Might start skating again soon


Mostly music related stuff, because I write and produce music, obviously listen a lot, buy, and attend concerts when I can. My instrument of choice is electric bass, but I have several others. I collect music figures, basically action figures or dolls of celebrity music artists. I have a little studio room at home, where I will display them at some point, so I’ve been collecting those. No good ones have come out lately, so that is at a stand still. I’m doing more photo oriented things, as you can tell from my posts. I do a little cubing, but have not kept up with the latest speedcubes. I have a nice live music DVD collection going, and enjoy watching rockumentaries of all kinds. I always have some D.I.Y. project in the works around my house…inside or out. So, I stay relatively busy what that.

I got into RC for a bit, but preferred buggies, and still have one. I had a nitro one you might remember me posting about selling it. It was too fast for me, and I was too worried what might happen to it. I still have two electric ones, and a tiny helicopter I got at the mall. Nothing serious with that stuff though. They’re in the toy closet too :smiley:


I’d like to see you post here…let’s see what you’re working with.  :wink:



Throwing knives, and shooting (When ammo prices arent through the roof lol).

(Owen) #17

I’ve been juggling since before I can remember (I suck, but I can juggle) and I also have quite a few cool tricks on devil stix. I’m gonna get into diabolo but I dont have one. I dabble in photography but its not like I am a professional or anything (Although I do plan on minoring in that in college)

Yup. Oh, and I can also draw very crapily for fun


I have lots of hobbies besides yoyoing. Skateboarding, Surfing, reading (always been an avid reader), gas powered R/C flying. Lately I just fly my AR drone though. The main big hobby I have had the last year or so is Android modding. I have a Galaxy S4 and an S3 before that. Flashing custom Rom and kernels, making themes. Fun stuff. Computers in general I guess. hehe.


RC Cars, Kendama, Drums, and I wanna get into Diabolo.


Computer programming, reading, piano, drawing, painting, computer art, 3d modelling, magic tricks, entomology, bug collecting, philosophy, stop-motion animation, computer music design, lego building, clay modelling, writing, fencing.