Wedding ring pin pricks

Been getting a few pin pricks lately from yoyo coming into contact with my wedding ring, driving me bananas.

I have a 2013 supernova, it’s got 3 pinpricks. Was thinking it damaged easily because it being made in china. I have a genesis, not sure what year. No made in China stamp. I’ve managed to keep it mint until today I got a ding. Stupid wedding ring(don’t tell my wife I said that).

Just curious if anyone else has this issue.

I cant attest to wedding ring pin pricks but i can attest to pin pricks from watches :smiley: Watches are even more annoying because the string gets caught on them.

Not sure. I wear a wedding ring most of the time, but I often buy beaters anyhow so I’m not sure I’m adding new damage to them. None of my purchased-new throws have pinpricks that couldn’t be explained by an actual yoyo-to-object collision other than the ring.

Lately I’ve been taking it off when at home, mainly because I’m doing a lot of NTH palm grinds and catches, and it annoys me when a rim spins against a ring.

I almost always have a holster on me anyhow, so I’m thinking of swapping out the standard carabiner for one with a “locking” mechanism (a barrel screws onto some threads after the biner is closed)… when I get that, I’ll put the ring on the biner when I’m doing those kinds of tricks.

I simply don’t wear rings and luckily the wife is fine with that. ;D

But then I just don’t like jewelry in general (on me) so that might be a part of it being ok.

I wanted a ring ever since I read Lord of the Rings as a kid. :wink: “Ack, I forgot to wear my power today,” I tell her if I’ve left the ring at home.

But yeah, some grinds are a pain in the butt with it.

I’ve only been throwing about 7 months and in the process of trying to master black hops. That is where the collisions are taking place. It may be a good idea to take it off till I master the trick. I also have been avoiding grind transfers to avoid collisions.

I have not yet married my partner, however Ive noticed that my friends tend to ding return tops on their belt buckles.

My ring is platinum and tends to ding before the yoyo does. I rarely, if ever, take it off, outside of having it cleaned. After the last treatment they did, I’m fuming angry at the jeweler. I haven’t taken the time to have them un-screw it up. It used to shine, but I got it back looking like it had been satined. They said it would not show the nicks. I said, and I quote, “something not suitable for the kids of YYE to read”.
(Sorry, but I laid into them really bad)

They better get it right this time.

Only way to minimize the issue is to remove the ring, use plastics or find some method of play where you can totally avoid that finger hitting your yoyo. I mostly have this problem now because I can hear my looping yoyo bang into the ruing on returns with my left hand.

Yeah my wedding ring is just so annoying while doing tricks.

Lol just kidding im just a teenager with no interest in “girls” yet. They have cooties! Lol im just kidding :slight_smile:

yeah that happens with me I get some belt buckle marks on some of my yoyos.

Yeah, my ring comes off when I throw (lefty). I started doing it with plastics when I started cause the sound of it hitting was annoying, now it’s to protect the throws! And wife understands not wanting hut them since I put so much money into them haha

I throw right handed, and when I wear a ring, it’s on my left hand. That minimizes contact of yo-yo to ring. My right hand makes more contact with the yo-yo.

I make little stretchy bands from wetsuit material, black neoprene with blue nylon coating on both sides. I use neo glue to butt glue the edges and then over stitch the seam for extra strength. Then slide it over the a ring like little garter. I swear, once you cover your ring, you become ‘fearless’ , lol.

A faster option is Outchless band aids. Strategically place the band so the little pad is located where your ring is most likely going to come into contact with your Yoyo.

Option 3 is 'cohesive sports tape… Like the Yomega tape/ which is basically something you can get at any store with Medical stuff. < you just get a roll of the narrower tape or get a roll of the 2 inch wide tape and custom cut it down to your favorite width. Since it sticks to itself and leaves no residue, you can cut 3 pieces of the tape: 1 piece about 2 inches long and two pieces about 1/2 inch long. You get the two shorter pieces and stack them and then stick them to the center of the 2 inch section. (Simulating the form of a band aid), then wrap around the ring with the ‘beefed up center’ where you most likely would/will smack the Yoyo.

Sadly amazing for me, I have smacked some pretty nice metals, more often against: watches, belt buckles, knives clipped to my front pocket and large zippers on my cold weather jackets.


I gotta ask, is it really so bad to just take off your wedding ring while you throw? ???

I think that’s a great question. Especially when people are throwing at home. But, I guess there are people afraid of losing their ring if they take it off too often, or there are those people who never, ever take it off, and sleep in it too. They may not be able to take it off without going to the hospital first. I’ve met people who haven’t removed a ring in…years. :smiley:

perhaps put the ring on your non-throw hand. as i assume it’s the return/bind that’s dingin’ your yoyo.

i also had this problem w/ my weddin’ ring. didn’t want to take the time to take it on/off or cover it - as yoyoin’ was a spontaneous, if not obsessive thing for me. ultimately i just accepted it as a 'nother sacrifice that comes w/ marriage :slight_smile:



I lost mine in the ocean a few years ago and have just never replaced it. I recommend this option.

I don’t have any ring, don’t wear a metal belt (sometimes) and don’t wear a watch and so on…

But the floor is my issue :stuck_out_tongue:

I take mine off usually. I lost my original one this way though. I took my wife a while to get over that. I replaced that with another ring but I rarely where it. I’m a chef and it was constantly slipping off so I never where it work. A lot of times it would fly off when yoyoing because it fits pretty loose. The dings never really bothered me.

Did that to my Token and Shutter with my metal belt loop.