I need to take off my wedding ring when I'm throwing


I have a tungsten wedding ring and I always forget to take it off. It wasn’t a problem when I was terrible and went really slow, but now I’m just not very good and I go a little faster. I’ve now taken bits of anno off at least three >$100 yoyos. The latest being my Code 2 earlier today.
Does anyone else have this problem?


The “ting” of metal against my wedding ring is a daily occurrence. Haven’t had to worry about taking off ano yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later.

I always consider taking off my ring, but then… one day I’ll lose it. I’m just too forgetful. And even though my wedding ring only cost $400 or so, it’s far more valuable to me than some yoyos.


I used to wear rings on each hand but when I started yoyoing I only had rings on my non-throw hand so I never had the problem. My friend did let a guy borrow his yoyo and he had on a ring and immediatly dinged the yoyo. Not marked it but dinged it, anno broke and everything. He was not a happy camper, hehe.


It is on my non throw hand. Stinkin’ cold fusion gets me sometimes.

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Tungsten wedding ring has damaged its share of my albatross and nessies


i also have a tungstun ring - you sort of just learn how to throw w/o dingin’ your yo yos against it. most of the time, anyway.

however, i really don’t care ‘bout dingin’ my yo yos - but that’s just me. perhaps consider yo yoin’ w/ a glove if it’s that much of a problem.



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Ring on or off? That is the question. The reality: me possilby damaging a yoyo or my wife possibly damaging me? Hmm…ring on, ringing that yo like a bell! :wink: Besides, she likes me, she’ll buy me more ;D .

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If I’m just walking around throwing at work, or hanging out i leave it own. If I’m dedicating time to film a tutorial or working on some new tricks at home I will take it off.

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My friends dad dented his kids (my friend) mint Hatrick while throwing with a wedding ring.


I usually take it off and just keep it in my pocket … I have a titanium ring n I have hit a few of my yoyos with it but no damage… Yet.

One time my wife did notice me taking it off … I jus told her I didn’t want to damage the ring ;D


Haven’t had that problem. Lost the ring a long, long time ago - much to my wife’s dismay. :wink:


I like my hands feeling “natural” and I do quite a bit of manual work with my hands - so I don’t always wear my ring anyway.


My wife and I agreed not to even bother with wedding rings, and yo-yoing was the main reason for that decision. We got tattoos on our ring fingers instead.


Titanium ring here. Only comes off at home if throwing ones I want to keep mint. Mostly my primo, because was first Father’s Day gift.


My dad lost his in the Backyard…

My mom had to have hers removed once… It’s back on though. :wink:


That’s awesome !! Pix?


How did you pull that off? You have “YoYo Life” on your knuckles, do you not*? Underside, second knuckle?

*Which is awesome, by the way, when I finally get around to getting mine done they’ll say “Play Yoyo”


I leave mine on. I took it off a couple times, but I don’t really mind the small marks it leaves now and then. I don’t think think it’s ever broken the anno, though. If you’re worried about it, I guess you could put a bandaid or piece of tape on it.


We have dots tattooed on the sides of our ring fingers. It doesn’t interfere with my knuckle tattoos at all.


meh… I just get a ‘dink’ or a ‘chink’ sound when I throw/catch… I like it. It was annoying at first… but you get used to it for sure.