Silicone Wedding Ring

I’ve seen references to throwers taking off their wedding rings, so as not to ding their yoyos. I have often found myself taking off my ring before a throw session. I’ve also dinged many yoyos with my wedding ring.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a sporting goods store, and found some silicone wedding bands. They’re designed to be more comfortable and safe while doing sports. Well, they’re also perfect for yoing! I didn’t find any that were the right size in that store, but I found a bunch on Amazon.

I’m excited, because I’ve also had issues with my wedding ring as a musician. I’ve had to take it off to play Cajon, and it sometimes makes noises on stringed instruments, especially my 7-string bass.

I hope some of you find this useful.

I bought and used one for a good while. It looked good, and was really comfy. I enjoyed not having to take the ring off to throw.

The cons, for me at least, was that it needed to be moved or removed after you wash your hands, in order to let it dry. Otherwise it never dries. I have heard of some that have grooves cut on the inside to let it air out but i never followed up.

Another con, was that the one that I had had a really cool engraving on it. It faded as the ring wore down over time making it look more cheap than Id like. It still fits just fine, but just looks degraded compared to how it looked new.

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I haven’t had the issue with it not drying out. I assumed it would need periodic replacing.

I was washing my hands a bunch of times a day at that time due to my job. Im sure that was why haha

Thank you for posting this. I’ve scratched a number of my throws on my wedding ring, to the point that I dont wear it anymore. Just picked up a pack of these to try them out.

Qalo bands seem to hold up well, a bit more expensive though


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I have them but never used for throwing. That’s brilliant! Yea, they need to be moved or they never dry. There’s one that keeps running on my FB wall that advertises it breaths, possibly a solution??

I lost my wedding ring about 3 years after we were married. Never looked back…

(Couldn’t afford to replace it, and it really proved nothing)

If you’re gonna commit, COMMIT! :wink:

Did this after losing two wedding rings surfing. Don’t have to take it off for yoyo, playing bass, aikido class, surfing… I do get a lot of awkward compliments on it from ladies, which is kinda funny.


The really neat thing about the tattoo’d wedding band is that if… if you do get divorced; all you have to do is add a few more details to the ring and it’s a New ring🤓

And… if you decide to ‘be a player; all you have to do is put a horseshoe ring over the band and only you would know what was under it.

And… if your wife ever hunts you down and kills you and throws your corpse in the lake; when they find your body; they will be able to identify you by distinguishing body marks.

How cool is that?

…Seriously; I think the best thing about the silicone rings is that the Genius that came up with the idea; made a whole lot of money for such a simple and fairly useless idea.

I think(me/personally) the whole total dedication/commitment is overkill.

Every other thing you do involving your Significant other is more important than saying, ‘I’ve never taken this ring off since the day I put it on’.

Anytime I do anything that might conflict with wearing a ring, the ring, any ring; I simply remove the ring until the task is complete. Then I put the ring back on. It is in my pocket; so it never leaves me. But I don’t hesitate to remove it.

I knew a guy years ago that actually was being prepped for surgery. The nurse told him he had to remove Anything and everything that wasn’t part of his body: piercings, rings, chains, whatever.

He refused to take off his wedding band. The Doctor told him, ‘The Funeral Home will let you keep you wedding band on. But the operating room operates with a different set of rules’.

He called his wife and asked her permission to remove the wedding band until he made it back to post surgical recovery. It took her an hour to decide to allow him to do it.

How wacky is that?



We each have our own sensibilities, and for me I like to wear a wedding ring. It really has nothing to do with the notion that I “must never take off/be without my wedding ring”. My wife takes hers off all the time…! ;D

I also have been just taking mine off, and sticking it in my pocket whenever I felt it was prudent. However, sometimes I forget, or feel too lazy to do it. Often I’ve dinged my yoyos, damaged my drum, and even my ring. Especially if I’m playing on stage, I like, and feel it’s a sign of respect to my wife, to wear a ring. So, for me this product is far from “fairly useless”. BTW, there are so many of these from different companies, I get the feeling there isn’t one “genius” raking in the all the big bucks.

The ones I bought came in a pack of 4 for $13. Good luck?

I may have to pick up some of these. I throw lefty, so keeping my actual ring on when I throw isn’t really an option.

They didn’t sell these things then (a long, long time ago, in another time and place…)

I lost mine for a year or so while cleaning my garage. I found it later down in a stack of guitar magazines in a milk crate!

Take off my rings? Morons. Afraid of metal on metal eh? NEVER! Fools.

^ “Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!..” :smiley:

I don’t take mine off either. I find the obsession of keeping a yoyo “mint” pretty funny. Anything that is really used will get some marks. If my ring scuffs a yoyo, or in turn gets a scuff itself it’s just part of the story (for the ring or the yoyo).

I have, however, considered a Qalo for when I’m doing things that may be dangerous to wear a ring.


The main reason why I have Qalo rings is because of my job. It’s a perk that it doesn’t damage my throw


I hear ya Tomater!

I definitely agree that anything you use, will get worn, and that can often actually make those things more meaningful or endearing. Personally, it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try to keep things nice, I’m going to give them love marks or battle scars! I’m amazed at what a good job some people do at keeping their things like new.

That said, I don’t find anything wrong with wanting to keep things nice for as long as possible. As I said above, we each have our own sensibilities. I’m not going to judge anyone for their personal philosophies or preferences toward how they take care of their yoyos.

Some people are collector/throwers, and want to enjoy their yoyos both as show pieces and as toys. Some people like to trade or sell their yoyos often. In either case, avoiding damage helps to retain value.

Yes, my most played and loved yoyos with any age on them, are also most likely to look the most used. However, that first ding is still painful to me. For me the most important time to avoid damage, is just after receiving a yoyo. What I really hate is to pay a lot for a yoyo, and then damage it just as I’m deciding I don’t like it!