Wedding bands.

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I have to take my wedding ring off to throw. I don’t want to ding my throw on my tungsten wedding band, which is bound to happen, so I take it off. Of course, the story would just have to go that my father-in-law has not had his wedding band off since his wife first placed it on his finger. Meanwhile, I’ve lost mine in a lake once and had to have it replaced, and it flies off if my hands get slightly wet because my fingers are silly, tapered things. And… I have to take it off so I can… “play with my yo-yos.” Anyone else have this problemo? Is there a stigma associated with removing one’s wedding band in your eyes?


No stigma. I take mine off when it makes sense to. I don’t throw yoyo left-handed, so it’s rare to contact my band unless I’m practicing left-hand palm grinds. But I’ve been known to take it off for kickboxing ‘n’ stuff.

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I’m not left-handed either, but thanks to flubs… I’d still hit it.


Someone recently posted to Facebook how their Tungsten wedding band snapped after a bad bind sent the yoyo flying back into his hand. I’d say about 20% of the band came off as a solid piece. On top of that, due to the costs of tungsten and it’s characteristics, it’s a very strong, but at the same time stiff and brittle metal. It’s really not worth being repaired.

My ring is made of platinum. I do not take my ring off unless I’m doing electronics work or going to be sticking my hand in and out of tight places. The only other time it comes off is when it’s getting cleaned. When I yoyo, I leave it on. I’m hearing the plastic loopers hit it but have yet to put a mark on it. It’s not about a stigma to me, I just prefer to have it on. My wife, on the other hand, removes her ring all the time so as to avoid damaging her ring and keep it looking cleaner longer. Whenever she leaves the house, she has it on though except on a few occasions here and there where she has to leave really fast to run an errand. Also, for her small hand, her ring is very heavy as hers is also platinum. Gold, especially the white gold alloys, tend to be harder compared to the platinum.

My father, in comparison, had problems with his fingers swelling for a while due to the type of work he was doing, so he stopped wearing his wedding ring entirely. I don’t have this problem to the same extent. My fingers swelling is really minimal. I do make sure I can remove the ring on a daily basis by ensuring I can get it past that lower knuckle, but that’s about as far as I go.

My thoughts are, for you, as long as you’re not going to lose it, you’ll be fine. I’d suggest a pouch or case you can keep on you and put the ring in while you’re throwing(especially when out and about). My main concerned is because it’s tungsten, you’re risking breaking it, and if so then replacing it. Also, if your ring is slipping off if your hands get wet, your ring is probably the wrong size, and Tungsten can’t be re-sized, which is all the more reason to remove it when playing with your “toys”. What I would do is find a jeweler you really trust and see what they can do to help you.

Another option is to get a good quality necklace that complements the ring(or contrasts, whatever) and you can just wear your weddng band around your neck instead. You and your wife should discuss this first to see if she is cool with this.


I’m left handed, and I take my ring off all the time. If I don’t, it hits the yoyo everytime I bind. At the same time, I take my ring off all the time anyway because I work inside of computers and radio equipment on a daily basis. I keep it in the same spot all the time when its not on my hand, so its not a big deal. I haven’t lost it, and my wife understands.


oh snap you kick-box too !!


Indeed! Been taking a break because my back is wrecked for other reasons, but I love it. I mostly show up for the drills and the workout, but I’ve been known to do light sparring. I did some proper medium-contact sparring with straight-up boxing several years back, and even with the headgear and huge gloves, I had a few “seeing spots” moments and a bloody nose. At age 39, not looking to repeat that “enjoyable experience” vs. the young guys at the gym, so I’mma stick to light sparring. :wink:

You compete?

(sorry… thread derailment!)

So yeah… wedding band… I’ve forgotten it in my gym bag before, though, and my wife always seems to notice. Though she’s an athlete, so she understands and doesn’t mind. :wink:


I’m a leftie. I keep my band on all the time. No stigma - probably laziness and a fear of just plain losing it.

Also… the more you throw with your band… the more you learn to catch w/out dinging… :wink:


haha I hit it EVERYTIME. Maybe I should practice with it.Its always that little “ding, hey take me off” reminder. I dunno, I just don’t feel comfortable with it on when I throw.


Hey R.C., good to see you back posting again. You disappeared on us for a while there. Were you off on an extended sabbatical writing a new dissertation on reformed theology?

A stigma would only be a justifiable reality if you were removing your ring to throw in front of single ladies. At that point an examination of your actual motivation would need to be considered. :wink:

Good to have you back around!


Okay, well, here is a bit of my story -

I am left handed, I also have my grandmother’s “piano fingers”, I could not find a wedding band to fit my finger to save my soul, the best I got was to get a plain woman’s band and use it as a wedding band, we found this out after taking the wedding band set I bought into get resized and was told that they would have to resize it so small that it would mess up the 4 stones that were set into the top of the band.

I am also a contact juggler , and if any of you know about that, the absolute worst sound to a contact juggler is something ( like a ring ) clanging against a nice acrylic ball.

I have never pursued finding a band that fit, other (contact) jugglers have posted stuff like this, and their solutions have been to get a nice necklace / neck chain and put the wedding band on that , or the tattoo on the finger - you can get the tattoo and then show it off to your in law and be like, “See there? It’s never coming off, TAKE THAT!”


Anyway, I don’t wear a wedding band, but I know for sure I couldn’t stand the feel of a yoyo snapping up into it.


no not this time around but maybe next year! :slight_smile:

I take my ring off its a real silver Irish puzzle ring my dad got when he was sixteen ( note now he’s 44 now) he Handed it down to me its pretty cool but it does fly off my hand when throwing so I put it on my middle finger where it fits snuggest but sometimes when I throw it comes of and goes down the string to my throw making a loud noise and giving the throw a pin prick or two.

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wedding ring is tattooed. no prob.


This is an interesting thread since I’m getting married in the fall. I haven’t bought a band yet, but I have been thinking about what it will be like to throw while wearing a ring. I kinda thought it wouldn’t be a issue since I’m right handed, but now I’m not so sure!

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Some people live such lives that they can always wear a ring. However, those that are active know that rings can cost you a finger and possibly your life. Just ask your wife to put your ring back on your finger each time you take it off, look into her eyes each time and :-* .

There is no stigma in taking the ring off in my opinion but it doesn’t sound like your wife agrees. Have you tried just wrapping something around your finger that covers the ring when throwing? (It’s always good to keep the family happy) :wink:


I’m right-handed and I still take mine off most times I throw. It seems like whenever I haven’t taken it off I end up tapping the yoyo with it, and while it hasn’t hurt either the yoyo or the ring, for some reason I hate the sound/feeling of it tapping. I also take off my ring when I workout, when I go swimming, etc., so I don’t see it as being a big deal.

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Well, I was busy getting married, finishing a Master’s of Library Science… and… well… I just played video games in my free time, lol.

Also, I got a Northstar for my birthday and it was more vibey than I thought it ought to be and I was tired of not progressing. I wish I had kept up so that I could be farther than I am today. A post on Facebook from YYE sparked my interest and I’ve purchased four throws in the last two weeks. I wanted to build up some new tricks before the end of July. We’re going on vacation in upstate New York and I want to take some throws. My brothers-in-law are free-runners, so I have to have some way to impress them, ha ha.

I’m amazed that anyone remembers me.


We aren’t allowed to wear rings at work, unsafe. I haven’t worn it in years. too hard to remember to take it off/put it back on every day. I have no idea where it even is now, but I bet my wife knows.


Hmmm, I lost mine about 6 years after we were married. Fell off frequently when my hands would get cold. Apparently didn’t notice it one time. Hasn’t made any difference in my behavior or the behavior of others towards me.


I really don’t have any issues with my ring except when I’m doing 2A and then it’s the yoyo in my left hand. No issues with 1A, 4A and 5A(yet). Not wanting to try 3A yet, but will in the future.