Wasting time at work

(Sergio) #1

I’m at work right now and was wondering how many other people browse the forum at work? I’m typically very busy and have been trying to take more time to myself during the day to do things like this.


(ClockMonsterLA) #2

I spend all day in this forum while at work. Lately I am not very busy, and so I turn desperately to this forum–and others related to different hobbies–to keep my brain from shutting off.

It is also incredibly dangerous for my wallet because when I get bored, I start looking for things to spend money on. This accounts for the size of my collection which only began last August.



If you guys are at work; then you should be working.
You are not getting paid to check out the forum.
That is very disloyal to your Employer; to do anything but what you are paid to be doing.
Out of respect for even having a job; you should put your nose to the grindstone and get some work done.
I will be clocking in at 1:30 Pacific time today. I will be working hard and earning my pay until 10pm tonight.
I am a responsible employee. I don’t need supervision to do what I am supposed to be doing.
… But I will be checking back about 600 times during my shift today. Just to make sure you clowns aren’t slacking off.
Good help is hard to find🤡


(ClockMonsterLA) #4

Well, seeing as how you have no idea what I am actually paid to do while at my workplace, your admonishment is (characteristically) overreaching.


(Paul Carroll) #5

I work remotely so uh, most of my time is spent goofing off on the internet :smile:


(Sergio) #6

I’m a salary employee who spends hours in the office and get calls and email all weekend. My employer would be happy that i’m taking a few minutes to myself since most days i have to skip lunch because of how busy it gets. Desk jobs are like that though, you can be busy and then have a couple hour lull.



No, they never are.



I do! Not as much as when I first joined and now that I ran out of data and the browser is so slow I watch vids on this forum at work. My work never suffers from this though.

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(Sergio) #9

in the US we are legally allowed to take a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks for an 8 hour shift which rarely occurs in an office environment.



Do you eat lemons for breakfast?



Heheh. A few weeks I got a $500 gift card for being employee of the year and within an hour I ordered a Shutter (at work).


(Mitch ) #12

So the reason I got back into playing was due to “down time” at work. I often have to sit in front of a control panel for a couple hours waiting for a process to start/finalize while also monitoring critical checkpoints. Im fortunate enough to be an area with very few people so I can get away with a lot of yoyoing. I used to spend too much time on my phone getting pissed about social media nonsense and decided I’d rather learn a skill instead. That being said I do pass some time on here in discussion and finding new tricks I want to learn.



:lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon::lemon::lemon: :clown_face:


(Sergio) #14

What field are you in?



I think zslane is in the ‘cornfield’.

At least that was a highly recommended location in an episode of the Twilight Zone.




(Mitch ) #17

I run a yeast propagation lab for a large brewery. We basically take a tiny amount of brewers yeast and multiply it into A LOT of brewers yeast



Look at any city. Find the breweries. Those will still be there in 200 years. Nothing else will be.

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(Mitch ) #19

Well if nothing else I can look forward to job security.


(Sergio) #20

Wow, that’s really neat. I’m a fire alarm technician/manager so I was curious what processes you waited for. I wait a while for control panels to load the program or firmware. I wish I had been into yoyoing when I was in the field more, there was more down time