I love it when people tell me I'm wasting my time yoyoing......

It’s so funny when they start letting me know how much time and energy I’m wasting because they don’t even realize that they’re wasting time and energy trying to convince that I’m wasting time and energy. Haha, if it wasn’t so funny it would be a waste! ;D Then I ask them if they would like to try wasting some time and energy with me, as I offer a yoyo. Many times they do! Gotta love it.


“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”


I get a good laugh outta people that say, ‘yoing is a waste of time’… And they sit around watching TV or playing video games for six hours a day, lol.


I don’t. In fact, I hate it. When my friends and relatives say it, I can brush it off and crack some jokes. Not a big deal.
When my dad says it however, I just put down my yoyo and ‘stop wasting time’ to ‘focus on my studies’. I really widh he was more supportive sometimes.
Luckily, I think he’s gotten used to it since he would just watch me pull off some tricks every time he makes a ttip to the kitchen.

people more often comment i’m wasting my boss’s time as i’m
usually yo-yo’ing at work. he’s usually working right beside me, but
somehow after all these years he still hasn’t caught the yo-yo bug yet.

my older brother told me the same in '97 - he didn’t understand why a grown man would want to play w/ a toy all the time…i didn’t pick up 'nother yoyo 'til '05.

i yoyo 'cause it brings me joy and peace. it wasn’t 'til i came into my own, before i could live by what i felt.



I think about this quite often. It’s funny because everything humans do outside of eating, drinking, breathing is a “waste” of time. But seriously, like was pointed out previously… anything that brings you joy couldn’t possibly be a “waste of time”.

The best is also

“Why would you spend $100 on that crap !”

Uhh well … Why would you spend $180 on 3 Xbox 1 games that you stopped playing after a week."

^ true story

I’ve been told this before. I mean what else do you do with time? There is no such thing as wasting time.

I read somewhere the following paraphrasing - those who judge are doing so based on what is outside of their understanding.

For someone to tell me that I’m wasting MY time, they probably don’t know what to do with their own.

Just like exercise and diet, taking time for leisure is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, if for no other reason than lowering stress. There have been a lot of studies suggesting that people who take less leisure time live shorter lives. Therefore not wasting time is a waste of time.

I agree with you 100%. Everyone needs to be responsible and disciplined in their work ethic, but not enough people are responsible or disciplined enough to work on their leisure time. It’s a known fact that humans can’t go all day everyday without some form of pleasure. This is a sure fire way to give yourself heart disease very early in life, no matter if your in great shape and eat healthy. They don’t call chronic high blood pressure the silent killer for no reason.
Also, I love haters and judgmental people, mostly because I know the majority of people who say those comments are envious of how happy I am, when their dying to be themselves inside. It’s only the people who really say hurtful nasty things (you know the kind, you can sense almost an evil in them) that really get my dander up. I walk away immediately and only engage in yes and no communication with them because if I don’t then I’ll say something I regret and I refuse to sink to that level. But I only very rarely meet those kind of people thank god.

I’ve never actually met someone who told me I was wasting my time or had a negative reaction to the actual skill, in fact, most people are pretty impressed by the simplest of tricks.

BUT, I always get “You spent how much?!?!?!?! You know it’s just a yoyo, right?”
I usually laugh it off, because I used to think that way too, but now I know, you really get what you pay for in this world. Sometimes, stuff is better than you pay for (i.e. YYF) but in general, you can feel the $60 price gap between my CLWY’s and my YYJ throws

Well i am religious so I look at it as good has blessed me with this amazing toy and the talent to use it and enjoy it. If I didn’t “waste” my time yoyoing I’d be “wasting” the talent I’ve been blessed with. Same applies to basketball, math, science or anything anyone enjoys doing. IMO.

I know that I am waisting my time, energy, not to mention boats of money on throwing.
But I can contest there are much worse things to waiste time and money on.
Yo-yo is the healthy alternative.
“Idle mind is the devils workshop, and idle hands are the devils tools”

I always say “yeah no **** Sherlock, keen observation there.”
Normally totally deflates their ego/argument. lol

Any hobby is a “waste” of time… if you look at it as a waste…

Doing anything but working, eating and sleeping are a waste of time.

People that say that wish nothing but to deflate you from what you are enjoying.

If that is ever said to me, just smile, say “to me, it’s not a waste. It’s calming, fun and harmless”

Enjoy it, it’s a life long hobby that is fun and harmless. Better than many things people waste time doing.

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Biologically, anything unrelated to procreation and survival is a waste of time.

my wife is making me watch the bachelor right now…talk about a complete waste of time…although last season I did pick the winner in a bet between her and I and she had to buy me a new yoyo ;D

When I got back into yoyos my ex wife hated it calling me a big ass immature kid and said I was wasteing my time now that we not together I throw it in her face when I get a new throw when she try’s to get back with me