Throwing not productive?

I’ve had a few people talk to me about how they think yoyoing is non-productive.

But I think it is the opposite in most ways.

You keep your mind and hands busy. As well as being creative. To me it’s more than throwing around a toy with a string. Art in many ways. I love it.

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I would call it Art. Jensen’s 2011 freestyle=Pure art.


Idle hands are the Devils play things. :wink:

Truth haha.

I believe everything we do that isn’t necessary for survival is a waste of time.

Do you put that belief into practice? :slight_smile:

Nope. haha. I do what’s necessary and all the time I have left-over, it’s wasted. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t you be out picking berries, hunting, or reproducing?

And gathering water. That’s very important. You can go way longer without food that you can without water. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t eat fruit. I spearfish (I would consider that hunting), I have two kids. I’m good.

You enjoying it? If the answer is “yes”, then it doesn’t matter what they think.

So many people destroy their lives with smoking and drinking or using drugs. That’s NOT productive. Or how about screaming and yelling at the TV during sporting events? Wow, like that really made a difference!!!

Yes, I realize some YYE users drink and smoke. Moderation.

Thanks for making fun of me… :wink: And seriously WHO CARES wether it’s productive or not at least it builds something like hand eye coordination unlike something like sitting on the couch all day.

That builds butt-fat coordination. Maybe some people like that more.

“Productivity” is highly overrated.

When I’m not working, why the heck would I want to be productive? I want to enjoy my leisure time in frivolous and fun ways!


So true. Yoyoing has helped me greatly with everyday life. My reflexes are sharper, my hand eye is better, and I’m just happier in general cuz it’s a stress release for me. I’m always happy when I throw :D.

Hey, it is nice to be able to press buttons on a remote with your butt. It is a special skill called buttjitsu. You manipulate your butt fat to make a finger like shape that presses the buttons. Only master buttjitsuists can perform this, though.

Most people say that it is a waste of time and money. Yeah, maybe I don’t get homework done sometimes because of it, but most people who say that play video games all day. Hey, yoyoing has to burn at least some calories, and you can impress people with it. Video games are a whole different story.
EDIT: that last part was about yoyoing, not buttjitsu.

Because I have college and have homework to do, yes… I think throwing can be a little waste of time when it’s not called for my schedule. I also work fulltime so I only have time to study, eat, and sleep.

I learned a long time ago that my free time is best spent doing things that make me happy. If I spent my free time doing things to conform to other people’s views then it would not be free time, it would be time spent trying to make someone else happy. Sometimes it is important to do that as well and sometimes making other people happy can make you happy as well, but it is important to have your own time to do things that make you happy. Being happy is a very productive thing.

I have to disagree, yoyoing is about on the same level on video games. Both of them you get better at over time and are fun… they’re pretty similar in most ways.

You’re saying this doesn’t impress people and burn calories?

You’re saying everyone can do this in video games?

Well, obviously not. But not everyone can yoyo extremely well either. The kind of people who visit this site have probably been yoyoing for at least several months… That kind of dedication to anything is impressive to most people.