Help Canyon get enough money for a canvas thread! Interesting read, click here.


So an interesting idea just popped into my head. I was thinking of ways to get mum to loan me cash for a canvas. She’s actually quite a sucker for creative thinking and such, so I decided I would get my favorite forum involved!
Just post a witty reply reasoning on why yoyoing is a good investment in money and time. Anything about how it benefeits or stimulates my brain would be ideal. Keep it clever and intelligent.
Tomorrow evening, I’ll show her all the replies. The more replies there are, the better. So, I would really appreciate it if you would take thirty seconds of your life and help a fellow hobby obsessed nerd out.

Thanks guys!


Yoyoing is even better for your hand eye coordination then something such as playing video games.


Yoyoing is also infinitely better for your eyes than video games. It also trains your brain to work and react in three dimensions as well as building creativity (e.g. arranging simple elements into something impressive looking).



Thanks guys, really appreciate the input.


Yoyoing has helped me get over my:

Severe Depression

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yoyoing is fun and i like to play yoyo

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You can hit people with them

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Eye tracking and brain development go hand in hand. As the eyes are called upon to track items across the vertical and horizontal axiis of the body, neurol activity is increased. The theory is that this activity is the basis for numerous connections being formed between the hemisperes of the brain. Also, when the eyes are called upon to track items that are moving in various patterns, the eye muscles also strengthen, reducing headaches and eye fatigue in many individuals.

You can often witness weak muscular development of the eyes as well as the need for more connections between the hemispheres of the brain by a simple experiement. Have the individual lay down on the floor. Take an object conected to a string, a yoyo works well, and swing it side to side, 18" in front of his eyes. Ask him to keep his head still and track the object , watch his eyes. The eyes may do something other than what you would expect. They may get behind, bounce ahead, or even shake. Repeat this experiment moving the object vertically, diagnolly, in a circle, and at different speeds.

Any abnormallities can be corrected over time utilizing any activity that requires the eyes to track an object across the horizontal and vertical axis of the body while performing motor skills with both sides of the body. Thus yoyoing becomes an incredibly powerful tool for motor skill, eye, and brain development!

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Yoyoing is a much better alternative than sitting in front of A Call of Duty Game for 4 hours.




Yoyoing helps you have better hand eye coordination.

It can help you in life, it helped me. I have become a much more social person since I started yoyoing. By yoyoing in public I have people ask me questions about that.


It keeps you out of trouble! Tell your mom that you’ll resort to drugs if you don’t get a Canvas.


Yoyo is a fun activity that requires that one get off the couch or chair and away from the video games and/or computer.

As far as being affordable, the yoyo can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. Quality costs, but quality isn’t always a factor of price. There’s amazing stuff around $60, and there’s fantastic plastics starting at $10. Of course, I’m regularly playing CLYW’s, One Drops and other stuff over $100(and $200 and $300) and enjoying them as much as low-cost monsters like the YYJ Classic, Lyn Fury, Speed Maker, Kickside, YYF Grind Machine(stacked and stackless), Protostar, Northstar, Starbright and more.

I think though for performance, I’d recommend either a Chief or an Arctic Circle over the Canvas. We’re talking same price range, but I feel much better performance. Yes, it is expensive, but I do like the play experience and I feel it is a good use of money.


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Yoyo is a waste of time and it drains brain cells.


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Yoyoing is great for hand-eye coordination, and others are very interested in it. It is a great way to put a smile on peoples faces, and to make friends. I have made multiple close friends through yoyoing.


The art of Yo-yo as a hobby can enhance our well-being and give more meaning to life. The creative forces of energy present in everyone should not be repressed. In fact studies reveal that people who cultivate themselves through such activities are less likely to suffer from anxieties, rage, depression and other negative feelings. Throwing a yo-yo can be a good practice that leads to the improvement of one’s personality, self-confidence, dexterity and coordination.It can keep you busy and so there is less scope to go for something bad, or wasteful of your time. Actually, the bad habits can be the result of one’s free time, therefore, people with a hobby are less likely to fall pray to bad habits. There is a saying “Idle mind is devils workshop”. Hobbies even make a person more creative and talented. Talent cannot be gained just by reading books or by going to school. Only when we touch more and more creative hobbies, we can possess more talent. Hobbies such as yo-yo simply make us feel good. We pursue this passion out of interest. It gives us a great satisfaction, sense of achievement, and fosters positive emotions.

Most of this I grabbed from the internet, but I felt it was compelling enough to post. Just wanted to mention it’s basically paraphrased. :wink:


yoyoing is not an investment, buying a yoyo is not something that has to be serious or though out. But yoyoing is a great hobby to have, it’s a good incentive to go out, meet people, go in other countries, learn foreign languages and cultures, see the world.

yoyoing will have you build a network of friends all over the world, and that will make a huge difference in the quality of your life later down the road.

buying a yoyo is not an investment, it’s a treat, a toy.
but throwing yoyos is an investment on your quality of life.

Things do not have to be “serious” or “meaningful” to be worth doing. Just do whatever brings you joy and happiness in life.


Yoyoing is fun!