Wasting time at work

(Sergio) #21

This is my setup in my garage of an old outdoor box invented in 1852, this ones from 1990.

(Mitch ) #22

Nice! I actually spent a summer installing fire/security systems for my friend’s dad. Also wish i had been into yoyos then. Fair bit of down time.

(Sergio) #23

Fact! FD rarely on time for appointments


I remember, when I was growing up in NJ, there were pull stations with a blue light inside on streets.

(Sergio) #25

Those had phones that went directly to the police station, no dial tone just pick up and talk to the dispatcher. Before radios


High tech for the 70’s because my friend, Adam played with one of those on our way home from school and a police car was there before we got a half a block away. I was scared out of my mind even though I was not part of it.