Do you...

does anyone in the forum spend more time on here (YYE Forums) than actually yoyoing? I yoyo everywhere I go and I try to spend about 25min to an hour on the forums every day. I was just curious if anyone spends more time talking about yoyo than they do actually playing with one (or practicing, whatever you want to call it).

I do sometimes, just depends on the day I guess.

YES. Hence the reason I’m not progressing at all…

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Using my phone is often more practical than yoyoing (On the bus, laying in bed, in class, etc.) but I still yoyo more. So no.

I tend to collect more than throw but I’ll mess around for 30 minutes or so a day just enjoying my throws and attempting horizontal :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m tired,sick and have a lot of homework like right now then yes. Usually no. I always have a jo on me and am almost always use it when I can.

Probably? Because I sit at the computer when I’m not yoyoing or hanging with my family… either working, playing games, or chatting. And if I’m sitting at the computer, you know I’m either checking YYE every other minute, or keeping up with yoyoers on Facebook (I only use Facebook for yoyo and games!).

Yup. My various lines of work keep me tied to computer workstations in the house or on other tasks that keep me at least unable to use a yoyo.

I do have the capability to be on a forum or other electronic site while a client wastes my time. Most of my money is earned tracking time while clients tick it away. Time = money.

Right now, I’m on the forum a LOT less. Been focusing back on pro audio again and I got a new bit of gear to learn inside and out. Digital desk. If it was analog, I wouldn’t need to waste time learning stuff. Since this is digital, I gotta learn it.

That’s awesome that you are into pro audio. I have a degree in music production and I ended up turning my focuses toward 3d animation and motion graphics. I do about the same thing except I typically browse the forums while I listen to an interview with a client’s manager about what they want in a video. I tend to take yoyo breaks every 2 hours or so just to keep my mind alert. Listening to some of these clients can become a little mind boggling when it comes to incompetence. Maybe we can PM sometime about clients but I’m not really allowed to talk about the clients because of NDA’s.

Yoyo is still a hobby for me but I do find myself on the forums while I’m laying in bed with the GF, everyone in the house is watching TV or I am just taking a break. It is also a much better time to play with my yoyo while I’m at these shows waiting for my song to come up so I can see if I need to edit anything in the cue. When I’m working on photo-shoots I tend to play with my yoyo a lot more because I have to wait for the make-up artists and hair-dressers to finish their work (it usually takes me much less time to set up the lighting and backdrop than it does for them to work on their masterpieces).

Me too. I spend a lot of time on the forums but also a lot of time yoyoing plus time for other activities so I don’t exactly know.

Nope I Yoyo more than I be on YYE.

I spend more time on the forum. I have an Ipad, and an Iphone, so whether I’m at work, standing in line, sitting in the waiting area to get an oil change, or many other places yo-yoing would be inappropriate, I can access YoyoExpert. Especially with the phone app, this has been true.

Also, I find yo-yoing less productive for me, when I spend a long time at it with each session. When I yo-yo, it helps me to attempt some things for awhile, then take a break, and return rested with some better ideas of how to approach the trick. I find that it is usually after one of these breaks, that I return and nail something I tried seemingly forever in the last session.

In a nutshell, I do what works for me.

I thought people were over the vague titles :frowning:

When I’m lying or sitting down I’m on the forumns. When I’m standing up, I’m throwing. At rehersal I do neither because It is distracting to throw and we’re not supposed to use our electronic devices much.

How else am I suppose to trick people into reading a completely pointless post. No need to be cynical lol

I spend more time on the forums than I do throwing, simply because (and this seems to be a common issue) I spend 10 to 12 hours of my day sitting in front of a computer. It’s a sad but true fact that this applies to many of my hobbies: I spend more time reading about video games and board games than actually playing them.