A promise to my self and to you

I recently had a chat about yoyos with someone, and I realized that I should probably start investing more time and energy into yoyos. Not only that, but I feel kinda bound to this website, so I feel like I should also start contributing more to this site. And when I say that I feel bound to this site, I don’t mean that in a “I have a terribly written bio with a terrible picture on here” kind of way. I mean it like I feel like this is a place I can come and achieve great communication with fellow throwers. I haven’t bought a yoyo in 2 years and I haven’t really been watching videos. I am also still doing the same tricks as two years ago.

Now what does this mean? This means that I will be posting a lot more outside of the NYYR section. This means that I will start to pay attention to what happens in the yoyo world. This means that I will do better in trying to develop and innovate within my yoyoing. This means that you will probably see more of Cheshire Cat. Who knows, I might even make a low-quality video of me doing a bad job at performing my own tricks. But mostly, this means that I will post more often, more often.

I will admit that I have a bad habit of slacking off at times, so if you feel like I’m slacking off, then hit me up by using the many communication paths offered by the internet. You are free to stalk me down on Twitter and Steam, and any PM’s I receive through YYE are forwarded to my email.

Lastly I want to thank André for providing this amazing site, and I want to thank all the members of the YYE community for creating a good environment.

I will go to be now and get 7 hours of sleep before I have to work the schoolbooks.

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This inspired me too, as I’m now have less time to yoyo and more to work.

I need to invest more of my time to yoyo world too.

I will be waiting for your video.

All I really have to say is not to force yourself to yoyo. Yoyoing is meant to be fun and relaxing, forcing yourself to do better will only result in stress and frustration.

All of this


I sort of feel bound to this area of the internet as well. Mainly because this is where I first found the help I needed in the form of videos AND the help and support IN needed via the forum. I’m on 2 other yoyo forums and they are good, but they aren’t this place. This one by and far is the most active.

However, I have to take a different slant.

I’d like to learn more about the players, the community, the environment, and all that stuff, but honestly, I have to prioritize my time. Filling my head with trivialities isn’t a productive part of my daily routine. I’m not advocating something either way. There’s sports nuts who memorize stats and players and all that stuff, but that just ain’t me. Yoyo for me is fun, relaxation and a chance to replace bad stress with some more enjoyable stress. Yoyo has become a larger part of my life, but there are still stretches where I may not throw for days because other stuff takes my time from me.

First and foremost, yoyo is just another element I have incorporated into my life. Second, it’s a spare time activity, which means it often has to be skipped, which I dislike, but so be it. Third, I am SO glad I found this!

What I want to do is spend more time throwing, which will have to happen since I just had to cancel my vacation due to a sudden financial issue that was dumped upon me. Life sucks, throw more. I guess that’s how I’m going to be dealing with a lot of things that way.

If I wasn’t enjoying yoyo or being here, then I wouldn’t be there. It’s obvious you enjoy yoyo and enjoy being here, so it’s nice for you to crawl out of the NYYR area and joint everyone else. So, in a broader sense: welcome back.

Nice to see you’re back Jonas.

Reading your post, I too have realized that I’m bound to this site. To me, there aren’t much posts that I feel like replying but yet I see myself coming back to it everyday. Maybe just the feeling of communication amongst a community.

Anyhoo, we’re glad you’re back and can’t wait to see your contributions.

I’m not forcing myself to yoyo. I’m forcing myself to create room in my life so that there will be space for yoyoing.

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