According to YYE

So according to YYE I’ve spent over 22 days of my life reading these forums but I refuse to believe it

ive spent almost 20 days of my life… its all well spent though

I wish you hadn’t posted this. It made me look at mine. 47 days? Really?

and you have a life???

Apparently not :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep it all is very likely true we lose track of time so easily and when small amounts of time are done regularly we don’t notice how much we actually spend doing it just brushing your teeth for 2 min 2 times a day after 360 days of that you brushed your teeth for a whole day’s worth of time is adds up fast doesn’t it! :wink:

We’re not too bad.  Check out the leaderboard :slight_smile:

Try 70 days… ::slight_smile:

so glad i didnt see my name on any of those top boards…

lol wow that is a lot of time! XD

In my defence, it’s not like I would be writing the next War and Peace. If not on here, I would’ve been doing something else equally unproductive… like trying to luck into “covers” for my Marvel Puzzle Quest game… At least here, I get to interact with (generally) like-minded people. :wink: It’s still a conversation, even if it’s not quite as valuable as face-to-face, it’s the best I’ve got when it comes to yoyo…

greg your going to have to face the facts… you talk too much

Yeah GregP You also help answer peoples questions a make a difference on the forum so yoyo expert is not mostly a waste of time for you! :smiley:

A fact I did NOT deny. :wink:

@JO-YO: up for debate. :wink:

LOL Yeah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind… a web browser has no way of actually knowing how much time you are actively reading threads. It would be interesting to know what algorithm the forum software uses. It could be as simple as the amount of time you are logged in with a valid (not timed-out) session. If a session is valid for, say, 30 minutes, then every time you do something here (even if it’s just clicking “unread posts since last visit” and quickly scanning for anything interesting) it’s automatically a minimum of 30 minutes added to your time.

To say it’s an imprecise calculation is an understatement. It’s just a bit of fun the creators of the software added on. :wink:

see talking too much again… lol

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21 days, 11 hours, and 56 minutes right now and definitely gaining. But, I know it’s true.