Want to win the "White Fang Freehand"? (SHAKIRA CHALLENGE CONTEST!)

Just popping in really quick as I wanted to announce that I am holding a bit of a contest for one of my very rare and special yoyos. (An awesome yoyo that won’t have the risk of being mindlessly destroyed!)

The White Fang Freehand is a very special yoyo. It is a freehand 2 1st run (which are very hard to find, and many state that it is by far the best playing of all of the freehand 2 generations), but not only that, but it is also a BIONIC colorway (a marble-ish grey type of process that are also extremely hard to come by as not many were made. And of course, the thing that makes this yoyo epic, is it’s inlayed steel spikes that allow for not only top style tricks, but also tricks that involve landing on the spikes (similar to stunt pegs). This is a very rare and very unique yoyo to add to anyones collection.

So how does one go about winning this gem?

It’s actually quite simple. As some of you know, I happen to be a huge Shakira fan, and while looking through some old forum post, I happened across a contest 3 years ago where the challenge was to make a video using a song from Ke$ha, now as much as I like Ke$ha, doing a contest involving Shakira is much more up my alley.

So heres how it’s gonna work.

Create a video, any length greater than 40 seconds preferred, using one of Shakira’s songs in a creative way. It can be any song! From the most known, to the most obscure, but it has to be from her. Get creative with it! Because this contest won’t be judged by who has the best tricks, but by how creative, unique, and fun it is. This contest will be judged not only by myself, but a good friend of mine who while not a yoyoer, is one of the biggest Shakira fans I know, the two of us combined will hand pick the winner, and somebody is going home with this very special yoyo.

So, think you’re up to the challenge?
Hope so! Cause the deadline to submit a video to me is Sunday June 23rd! That gives you a bit over two weeks to get creative! This contest will be posted not only here, but also over facebook yoyo groups so be on the lookout over there as well.

Submit your entries as a youtube link/ vimeo link to my pm box here, on via my facebook if you have it.

Any questions feel free to ask, otherwise, get to it!
And have fun!


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I didn’t know who Shakira was until a minute ago, but I’m in.


can we just dance

And prepare for the tidal wave of belly dancing yoyoers approaching by the masses…

Do we have to yoyo, or can we do other stuff?

I would normally never do something like this but that yoyo looks wicked and Im a fan of yoyos that are one of a kind ;D

It is preferred that a yoyo is somehow involved yes.

This is an amazing contest. Will be participating.

Is it a must to to involve a yoyo? because i don’t own a yoyo yet

Dude I think you have enough yoyos for now

I love how this guy disappeared for 2 weeks, then came back right when there was a contewt to get a yoyo :smiley:

You’re alive!

Well Jensen’s already started the belly regen style, so I think it’s safe to say belly dancing may be the new Kendama.

Jumps back into grave

Wait, is this a people that never post reunion thread?

Definitely doing this…

You can use that 888 you got.

Don’t you guys think it’s possible that it may not have arrived yet? Sheesh…

Haru has returned!