wannabe yoyoers

have any of u had a wannabe yoyoer story? well i have had 2. post em here!

the first is about this kid from my school. he saw me when i had a throw monkey… 2 days later he has one, then i get a dm and he’s like “im gunna get one so i’ll be as good as u” and im like “cool, but u know how to bind, right?” and hes like “whats a bind??? my best trick is braintwister” and im like “u shouldnt get it untill u know how to bind” and he’s like “i dont believe u” and theeeeeen the 3-5 days later he has a dm in his hand and im like ???. well there is # 1

here is # 2. my sisters best friends brother (he’s also bad at yoyoing) ALSO GOT A THROW MONKEY and then about a week later his mom droped it in water and he used the excuse “it’s broken” even though it only needed the bearing cleaned and when i was over at his house today dropping my sister off, he says “im getting a new breed” and im like “haha ur funny” and he tells me that his mom felt bad about getting his old one wet so she bought him a new breed and he doesnt know what an under bottom mount is!!!

so those are my stories, anyone else?

lol, stories like that are funny.

I’ve decided not to care that people get expensive yoyos even if they’re not good though…

I don’t think this is a good thread. Anyone who wants to get into yoyoing is great, but you discouraging them is terrible.

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no, im not discouraging them, im just asking if this kind of thing has happened to more people that me, or am i just a yoyoer magnet 8)

Samad is right. If they want to yo-yo, let them. They will learn.

I’ve got a good one, and it’s about me.

I bought a Dark Magic before I even really knew what binding was. Andre was just so super smooth and made everything look so awesome that I thought I could get there too. I ignored the warning to get thick lube and for about 2 weeks I just wound up my yo-yo instead of bringing it back to my hand.

Total wannabe.

But hey, now I can bind with the best of them (unless you ask Henvey, he says I bind weird). I can do White Buddah (why is this in the Master section anyway, lol). I can throw Off-String. I can lay down some counter-weight play. My wrist hurts from looping. Ah, I love this hobby.

We all have to start somewhere.


Just wanted to say Jason bind the n00b way and he can barely throw 4A :P. Also the only trick i saw you do was a semi spirit bomb :P.

Haha, I learned White Buddah after. I didn’t realize it was so easy. Spirit Bomb is the trick that I was working on, so of course you saw me try it :p.

And yes, I could barely catch the dang Aquarius. With a bunch of practice that all changed. Hater.

ya, i think the reason i was the one to start this post was cause i was on the opposite end of the spectrum and getting an unresponsive yoyo (dark magic) after i could do cold fusion. my mom just didnt get y yoyos were expensive (i had the anser but she didnt get it) so it took her waaaay too long to let me buy one. same with my first metal. but oh well :stuck_out_tongue: and again i wasnt trying to discourage new yoyoers but to see if anyone had more stories. and if it makes u happy i might change the name to ambitious yoyoers :o

Like last year at the beginning of school i started to yo yo, then like a 3 months later i got better and like almost everyone in my grade bought yoyos. i was like wtf…posers… then this guy bought a duncan butterfly off of YYN

i might have to sue u cause i broke my laugh box :wink:

lol when he told me that i was like “are u serious?” then hes like “yea…why?” then i just walked away

everyone’s a wannabe in some respect. wannabe skilled, wannabe respected, wannabe amazing, wannabe mickey, wannabe andre… there’s nothing wrong or weird about it. embrace it; who here DIDN’T start yo-yoing because they saw someone making it look great?

and i can guarantee you i know some folks who could destroy all of your illusions about yo-yoing with a duncan frickin’ butterfly.


ENCOURAGE those yoyoers. It’s posssible to learn form people of all skill levels. Besides, it’s nice to have people you can share your hobbies with. And go look up Ed Haponik on YouTube.com. He’s being modest here but he’s got some vids of himself using cheap yoyos and pulling some great tricks.

ik ur awesome with a butterfly or any other yoyo, but buying it from yyn? i’ed get it at like toys r’ us. no shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, help the guy out. He obviously didn’t know any better.

My friend bought a Duncan Imperial of yo-yo.com

I got my DM, Sunset Trajectory, and Legacy but next week this kid in my class gets the same yoyos. He asked what the Sunset Trajectory was used for and I said looping.
He then replied what is “looping”?

I started learning tricks a few months ago. I’m not fanatic at the moment, so learning goes very slow.

What’s wrong with the butterfly? Is it bad for beginners/advanced players?

By the way, after reading some posts here, I have to say that those ‘expert’ yoyo people are rude and arrogant. Because you can yoyo better then someone else doesn’t make you a higher ranked person.
laughing with people who don’t know something, and refusing to teach them is childish.

I also don’t know what kind of yoyo I should buy now.

Hi! And welcome to the forums. The reson the Butterfly is seen upon as ‘not good’ s because it’s using a fixed axle. This feature is not bad for begginers, but it won’t take you that far as it will struglle on some harder tricks (not that good for advanced tricks). I think that you might come to outgrow your butterfly pretty fast.

When your Butterfly does not do you good anymore, I suggest that you get a yoyo with a ball bearing. They will reward you with much longer spin times for longer tricks. YoYoJam has a great line of plastics that will take you really far (Kickside or Journey recommended). They will come responsive, but are likely to turn unresponsive as you play with them. Depending on your eagerness and learning speed, you might want to pick up some lube. Not that thick lube will give you more response and thin lube will give you less. If you don’t know the difference between responsive unresponsive, go here.

Addment: Hope I changed your opinion on ‘experts’.

thank you ;D
I made a small mistake, I have a dragonfly, not butterfly. So I have the ball bearing. ::slight_smile: