waiting for the mailman , what's your routine ?

you have tracked your order , now it says Out for Delivery ! today is the day . what do you do wile you wait ? I like to drink coffee , listen to music and stare out the window ( looking for mailman ) , tape my phone to a vacuum cleaner ,I use it as a tripod for an unboxing video for youtube .
So what’s your routine ?

I sit in school checking my phone constantly to see if it gets delivered and then I run home from the bus stop and rip open my package as fast as I can

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Meet up with the mailman at his first stop and continue walking with him until he gets to my house. That’s when he is allowed to hand me the package. Sometimes we walk for 3 blocks.

i just go to school, wait all day in my classes, and when i get home BAM MAIL IS THERE!

Though, on weekends, i just play some games on my PS2, PC, or N64. This week: Sly Cooper 3 for PS2

    lol  he could give it to right away , he's aloud to if he knows you .  I had a friend who used to find the mailman blocks away from his house for his paycheck .  Your mailman just enjoys your company .

I’m at work for most packages (easier to get them at work) so I just continue working and pretending that I’m not listening for the delivery. Which of course I totally am.

I go to work generally about half an hour before the mail gets to my house, so u have to wait until ten thirty to see the package on my kitchen table

The mailman and i have a vendetta. I have made his job easy, he brings me my package on the expected delivery date or its his life.

No routine.

I can hear the mail delivery vehicle through my computer room window if I’m in my computer room.

If I’m downstairs, I usually can’t hear anything between kids screaming, one of the two dogs parking, other adults “speaking” at the top of their lungs, the TV blaring and me just not giving a darn at that point in time.

If I’m out front doing something, I can see it being stuffed in the mailbox.

Or, I can just make a BIG order from YYE that requires signature, and it will come right to me when the doorbell rings.

I don’t spend a lot of time waiting around. I got other things to do.

And if anything, the local carrier and I are on great terms, so I rarely miss anything these days.

So true for me as well! Ha ha…

Lol. Sat on my front porch for 6 hours friday just smokin cigarettes and chillin with my dog, waiting for my summit.

Don’t wait on the mailman…

but…soon as i see the package … it doesn’t take long to open it ;D

I throw, and stare out the window all day. My mailman’s mail truck has a weird distinctive sound. But other cars and tricks sound the same, once I hear that sound I jump up and run to the window just to see a stupid diesel truck or old beater drive up the road…

Luigi’s Mansion.

That is all.

moma mia I love Luigi , but man does he has quite an inferiority complex , always yelling about how he is #1 . must have been hard growing up the younger brother of Mario .

thisthisthisthis, i’m too excited to even do an unboxing

I frankly don’t care.
I never look for the mail, I don’t track. If something arrives, cool, If not, also cool.

So in the event you were to buy anything on the internet, you simply don’t care if it comes or not?

As long as it gets here within a reasonable time, I’m happy, but I don’t go waiting around in anticipation for anything cause as I said, I frankly don’t care.
Don’t go putting words in my mouth hun. > . <


Not having a routine and not caring about an order aren’t exactly the same thing. As long as you’re aware of the time lapse, you care to at least a minimal degree. However, I can believe that some people don’t check their tracking or wait in anticipation for the mailman to arrive.

I just can’t relate to them. :wink: (updates a tracking page)