Your parents hide your throws?

Every time I order something in the mail, my parents hide it from me when I get home from school. I’ll forget about it and an hour later they send me on some stupid task and give it to me in some weird way. Your guys’ parents do this?

not really…i haven’t lived at home for 20 years. regrettably, i didn’t yoyo when i did.



No, but that’s hilarious xD

That is awesome!!! You have some COOL parents!!! hehe

Like, they don’t like you buying yoyos or they want you to work to get it?

Your funny situation sounds like mine. Whenever I order anything and it’s coming in the mail, on the day I receive it my mom hides it until I finish everything I need to get done. It makes sense to me. I’m not saying I like it, but it makes sense. My life is insanely busy, I have to get things done before I do anything of that sort.

This is part of the reason you are such a well adjusted young man too. You too have smart parents!!

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They just want to mess with me…

Dude last time this happened to me! I was so excited I had a Bape Cascade 60 or so strings, 2 CWs, 3 Bearings and 2 pairs of response pads.

My mom made me do something to get each package. I had to clean my room and living room for one and now the lawn for the second one.This is when I receive packages when I’m off school I run to the mailbox when it’s delivered. I guess it’s all good though because my mom said she would order me some string tonight because I need some.

This has happened to me more times than I would like to admit. My parents always have me clean my room and give me a phrase like “I hear the fedex truck coming” I fell for that one a lot when I was younger. Now I always insist that I get the mail.

lol your parents sound like fun :stuck_out_tongue: wish mine were that much fun. That said we tend to have delivery issues at my house so I watch the tracking constantly when it’s available. So I’d know when it’s arrived anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Turtleyo, it sounds to me like your folks are just have fun with you and not taking advantage of your desire to ascertain your new stuff by extracting manual labor from you as to “earn” receiving your delivery. Like you said, they are just messing with you, but at the same time they are being benevolent in demonstrating how much they enjoy seeing you get new things you will enjoy. It is a way of their being able to participate in your pleasure. Be grateful, there’s a lot of love being shared there!

Shadowz, your response is such a testimony to your level of maturity and fidelity of good character. Yet again you demonstrate why you have garnered my respect and admiration here on these forums as we have develop a level of rapport and friendship.

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I have a p.o. Box, so I’m like, “hey mom, I’m going to get some exercise.” grabs longboard

have not lived with my parents for like 10 years so this is a non issue for me.

pretty cool of your parents to do that though, seems like good fun.

at least they aren’t like “hey, rake the yard” and have it hidden under some leafs on the ground.

My parents never did anything like that; I didn’t receive many packages, mind you. My wife, who would fill the role of “yoyo hider” these days wouldn’t play with my feelings like that. :wink:

No. That would just be odd. One is dead, and the other one I have nothing to do with.

My wife likes to hid important documents, such as bills, my DBA renewal, business license renewals and stuff like that, which I will get months later. Actually, if anyone in my house wants to get their mail, it’s up to me to check the mail and then sort it out.

Ya my parents are pretty awesome :smiley:

Lucky! Lol Jk :).

My parents are cool, but
A I’m home schooled so I get he mail usually.
B my parents have no clue when something’s arriving because I have then tracking.
So my brother gets the mail and gives it to me :D!

I did something like that for Christmas a while ago.

Kinda like the movie “A Christmas Story”. Bought Mitchie his Remnant2 and stuck it way under the tree in the back. Said “hey Mitch what’s that in the back there”? :wink:

That sucks man… I remember when my dad would take away my duncan butterfly… Worst day ever