Who feels this pain

The pain of knowing the yoyos you have ordered are waiting at your house, but you are stuck at skool with massive anxiety because you cant be there.

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I don’t know that feeling because I’m home schooled. ::slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I don’t love yoyo’s that much. I feel the same knowing my wife is home waiting for me though!

I hate that! what I hate even more is that when you check the mail and there not there yet! >:(

@Icthus ;D


I can’t say anything about the wife, but that’s where I’ve gotten to with yoyos. I got 4 waiting today, but I really don’t mind at all.

The only real time I felt this was when I ordered a Hitman Pro and the day it came I was snowboarding with some friends. I couldn’t give a crap during the day, but during the drive back - I was pretty gripped.

dude i hate that soo much but all i think about is the yoyo thats at my house. Then i get all paranoid like What if it’s not there?! WHat if the mail truck flipped over or blew up and my yoyo is gone?!!! haha

I don’t care enough about yoyos to think about it.
I don’t buy yoyos to keep anymore anyways, haha.

if that’s the only “pain” you experience, consider yourself lucky these days, with wars and natural disasters all over the place

we really shouldn’t complain (“we” as in “me too”, not judging here)

home schooled! haha. ;D

I am led to believe, Raphael, that you receive wives through the mail.

I am weirded out.

@OP: No, actually. I find it more worthwhile to focus on my studies. Maybe if you acted the same way, you would have spelled the word “school” correctly.

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Me toooo!!! high five ;D

When I know a yoyo is wating at home from probably a trade I made, I get a little excited to go home and play with my new yoyo, but nothing much. I don’t totally freak out and think about it all day in class lol… Unless it’s a new Generalyo Prototype and it would be my first time playing it hehehe.

Haha, I feel that pain at work all the time; sometimes the mail’s arrived when I go home for lunch, and sometimes it hasn’t, and I have to wait all afternoon for it!

I’ve got something coming today; I wonder which kind of day today will be. :slight_smile:

yes, happend alot. must just the thought than dissopontment

yea I can just ditch work and do my hours the next day… or not

When it comes to waiting for a throw I know that feel bro…

I like to spell things efficiently… Not necessarily thy way modern English demands… ( like skool, fone etc. )