Does anyone have parents that think Yoyo websites are a scam to track down kids?

Ok, I had a package to mail for fixing to EDIT and they said: send it back to us and we can try and fix it, if not we will send a new one back.

So they gave me an address. A house address.

My parents got suspicious and brought up this old saying: Do you know who these people are? You know people try to trick kids into doing this so they can track em’ down.

My parents say that about everyone: they can track you down: people try to hunt kids down ect.

But I NEVER order from other websites other than YYE EBay Amazon or EDIT

And my parents suppose the owner of EDIT is going to hunt me down because people do this to kids.

I mean, some people just don’t understand the “Yoyo community.”

I very highly doubt anyone in the yoyo business (aside of some guy) tries to get kids addresses to hunt them down.

Anyone have parents that are “crazy” about websites and dealing with addresses?

Pls. don’t mention other stores…mgodinez edit.

I dont know anything about YYS, but I doubt it. SOunds like you got yourslef a case of overprotective parents :-\

As for the other sites, they are all used by millions daily, and no way would anyone “track you down” because you bought a yoyo. Also the yoyo community isn’t all nice, perfect people. The guy who ran the WYYC since 2000 was recently arrested for failing to pay his taxes for something like 6 months. This does not harm/put anyone in danger though, plus he was released immediately on bond.

My parents buy a lot from the Internet , so unless there has a been a previous issue, my parents don’t mind


well parents in this gen are paronoid to the interwebs, i say try reasoning with them, also why would andre want to hunt down kids i mean he has a monster trucks career(im kidding) and a yoyo shop to run, and helping yyj so hes way to busy to do this kind of stuff.

why did you post this twice?



What about trades here at YYE? Trading with the people here.


Sounds like a personal problem to me.
Not an issue in all the years I’ve been on them.

Its not really so much the buying. It’s the Emailing them personally asking for a return for something broke ect.

“Track down” children? What does that even mean?

Are you a troll from Vulgaria? ::slight_smile:

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Like kidnappers track children and find there parents houses and either rob or ect.!

I don’t believe it. Unless its like a Pirating website or something.

Yep, even YouTube videos “Look, 54 people have watched this video, there are mean people. Is this video public? Anyone can watch this and track you down.”

Parents will always do this, oxytocin was released into your mothers body when you were born. This formed an unbreakable bond between the two of you and she will defend your life if necessary because of this bond. Even if it means stating completely ridiculous things about sending your yoyos to someones house, for your protection…

I didn’t realize how well known pls. don’t mention other stores…mgodinez edit is.

They just opened in the small town I live in. My buddy told me about the store and saw a video of the store on the news.

Im 23 now and played with yoyos when I was younger so I had to check the store out and get a yoyo! And I’ll tell ya what the guy that owns yoyosam is real cool nice guy but I’m sure you probably already knew though.

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Its Erin right?

Well, I guess I’ll just stop breaking my stuff ;).

I am old enough to be most of your’s’s dad.

I totally don’t trust this site! We’re all watching you!

Its not me, I trust website completely!

It’s them —>

For example, I know this guy is a friend of GregP’s. We’re watching you. :wink:

Being cautious online only makes sense. But being paranoid will only serve to cloister you. They may be using a bit of hyperbole to make a point. In their defense, many young people are a bit too cavalier in their online activity