Does anyone have parents that think Yoyo websites are a scam to track down kids?

Just because you think everyone is watching you, does’t mean they aren’t.

He’s old too, yoOLDman! :wink:
All old creepy guys flock to this site, I should know. I started the club!

I hope this kid’s parents don’t read this thread ;D

Track you down and…

My mom saw that I was talking to yoyospirit about him possibly cutting me an axle and I got a talk about why to “watch out”


yea, my parents are somewhat like that… They are a little uneasy when it comes to buying stuff online, especially if its from a website theyve never used before… That’s why I’ve never gotten a yoyo on this site from my parents yet :-\ But they are like fine with getting one from toys r us or something… Gah… I wish they had better yoyos…

Well, hunting kids down based off of the Internet is, in my opinion, not going to happen becuase of an Internet store lol…

It’s much more effective to just follow a kid home lol than to travel to a different state to get to a house where a kid ordered from you.

Your parents may seen those dateline episodes where they set up some folks to meet up with minors from the Internet.

Anyways, they may not be paranoid about anything. Maybe you spend too much time online about yoyos?

Too much time online about yoyos? I don’t understand that statement. ???

At first my mom was scared about me trading, but I’m experienced enough not to care, and usually do the trade myself

Of course I’m kidding.
I shouldn’t joke about such things. Sorry folks.

We’re just a bunch of yoyo-loving people who like to talk about it!

that sounds like me for my first trade she said “Abby if this is messes up and they take you to court your going have to live with it for the rest of your life.”

Judge- order in the court, Abby you may make your first statement!
Abby- Your honor what have i done wrong?
Judge- you…uh…traded your reads paper yo…YO!
Abby- And…
Court ends abruptly

I’ve never understood the whole “They have my address so they’ll come get me” thing. HOWEVER. Meeting people in a secluded area, no matter what your build and age, is a terrible idea.

I did get poked at at work though. They were saying it was just a trap for little kids.

pls. don’t mention other stores…mgodinez edit is legit. No worries. Ordered from them several times. Any store mentioned on yoyoskills or highspeed yoyo is going to be fine.

I’m 14… And honestly, you shouldn’t be too worried about being “hunted down” lol Not many people want to hunt down male teens.

Yeah, my address is right there on the front of my house for the world to see. Anyone can even look it up on google maps, and they can see my house!

…I’m not sure what exactly that will accomplish, though. No one is flying hundreds of miles to umm… what are they going to do? Hunt me down? I have no idea what people think someone’s going to do if they have their address.

my mom hates when I trade. Like I got a Messiah last week and now I’m trading it for a KLR and she’s not to happy. She also won’t let me trade any throws I have bought retail -_-

I agree. It isn’t the best idea to post where you are on Facebook. There is no point, and it can endanger you.

My parents are fine as long as I don’t post it for the world to see. They don’t want spam advertisement letters.