Does anyone have parents that think Yoyo websites are a scam to track down kids?

Do you live near Roswell, NM?

this is why they have P.O. Boxes … smh lol

Get a PO BOX … problem solved!!! 8)

but wait … to cover all basis … they can technically wait for you to show up to your PO box and follow you home … from the post office

so always always … make sure you are not followed … even right now … make sure you tell your parents every time you are going home … your parents circle around your neighborhood like 10 times before they get to your house… matter of fact… go to another neighborhood and circle around there to see if you are being followed.

There… i think I covered it all … but wait … what if you ARE being followed from the post office … go to the police station…

oh and dont forget to post about you being followed on the way to the police station … so that we can all be safe … :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, but I can’t go to the post office, I’m not old enough to drive :(.

They’re gonna track you down and grape you in the mouth! haha

Trust me everyone, it’s not me. I am agreeing with others on the “Why not just follow the kid home from school or something?”

It’s not me, but this time I got away with a trade :).

Probably my only trade till I get a little older.

:frowning: what would the difference be if you were older?

Well, my brother (Whois older) can order things online without asking, I can’t. So when I’m a little older and know more about the Internet.(wich I already do :o) then I can trade order ect.

Or even when I can drive so I don’t have to show my parents the address for just go to the PO without asking.

But what i am wondering besides the fact that he is older, whats the difference? more experience?

Eh?? I have no clue.

Well whatever. PLEASE READ BELOW!

My parents don’t care about ordering online, it’s that if something breaks and I email them privately, then They give me an address and my parents just say" we should see the emails because we have part in this" and “people do try to hint kids down”

Ok i understand where you are coming from, often parents get worried from recent attacks on people that they see on the news, my grandma changed my brothers Christmas present that she had already bought because of what she saw on the news.

Yup! My parents say you know "There have been cases of men tracking down kids from things and blah blah ect ect.

The news is full of negativity, encourage your parents to stop watching it and prevent the clouding of their thoughts with all the garbage. The secret governments want to keep everyone in a constant state of fear… The news has made this easy

Despite being only 30 I put in a good handful of years as the foster parent to my half sister. I agree teens can be wreckless in their online behavior.

I tried for a good year or two to prevent my sister from daily use of forums I didn’t agree with and it was a waste of effort anyway. Apparently if you drool over homeless - train hopping bragging forums, when you turn 18 and leave the house you end up train hopping with homeless drug addicts. It’s not a pleasant story tbh.

So for you poor kids… the prognosis is obvious. You will most likely grow up to continue yo-yo’ing.


the only forums I frequent are this one, the mtg forum, geocaching forum, and a few different miata ones. I think I’ll be okay if I continue doing all those thing. :wink:

Yeah, just stop watching the news. If you don’t see the bad things on tv, they don’t really exist. The world is full of rainbows and puppies and unicorns. The “secret governments” say so.

I don’t watch the news, as there are no unbiased news stations. They all spin stories however they want, which if I’m only looking to be informed about a situation, that’s one of the worst ways to do it.
The news will also only cover things that they believe will get them views. So the more extreme stories (ie: if a kid were tracked down and kidnapped through a yoyo forum) are more likely to be aired.
There’s a psychological bias where people think something is more likely to occur based off of how many examples of it they can recall. So for example if a news story were to only cover plane crashes, people watching it would believe that plane crashes are far more common than they really are. So if you hear stories on the news about people being tracked down over the internet, people will misinterpret that and think it’s a common occurrence.