What should I do

What would you do ??? ??? ???

I don’t know your situation, but is 95 dollars worth your relationship? Usually it isn’t. I feel sorry for you. :-[

Yeah In my opinion Relationship with Dad > yoyo

It gets me wondering what mankind has come to when a kid would sell out his own father for a yoyo. thats messed up :frowning: i hope this was a joke.

ok first of all i dont know whats happening. i say if this is an argument between ur dad and relatives dont get into it. if it is anything legal dont get into it. and why in the world would you think of selling out ur dad? a relationship with ur dad is so much more than a damn yoyo

my dad got me most of my yoyos, henrys lizard, dark magic, hattrick, sunsets, for free!

In retrospect selling out is actually a very strong word for this particular situation. In short here is some idea of what is going on. I have been asked to help my dad go to an event that I won’t name. My mom doesn’t want my dad going to this event cause she doesn’t want him to be so close to home. In short she said I will do anything to keep him out. She knows I want a trinity, and she said keep him out it’s yours. Now I am actually with the general public on this decision. Relationships with family are more important than material things, but at the same time there is more on the line here than one relation to family, and a yoyo I really don’t care about in retro spect. (Honestly I will probably never get it anyway. I’m lucky I even have a DM.) I think this was sort of an impulse post, and honestly I new the right answer before I put it so thank you everyone for pointing out the obvious.

I can’t stand when divorced parents have to buy their children things to keep them on “sides”.

Don’t take bribes from your mom.

Yeah I don’t know if this isn’t apparant enough, but I think the bribe is in vain. When I said I was lucky to have a DM I mean it. Even when I use my own money I get an earful for for spending anthing more than 20 bucks on a yoyo. I’m probably never going to see a trinity, unless someone else has one and say look at this.

I think my mom was mainly joking when she offered me a trinity for one simple task I think I took it more serious than I should have.
(I’m rambling now. Anyways I will not sell out my dad for a trinity.)

I have divorced parents myself and there’s one thing I know on this; if your parents are arguing, let them keep you out of it, you have enough to think about as it is already. If your parents have problems they should deal with those problems without using you as a middle man.

exactly, except, my parents take turns buying me yoyos :smiley:

wait now I’m just curious how did that work.

Do it.

would you?

Maybe what happened to me happened to him, I was telling my dad to buy me a protostar, he pays it, the I am going to hand him the money and he just leaves the room and leaves me with the money on my hand and he has never asked for the money, I found it kind of strange. Like he didn´t want me to pay the yoyo. And here´s a strange coinsidence, for x mas my uncle gave me 40$ and my mom told me to let her keep so I dont loose it and she lost it and the yoyo with shipping costed 40$, really strange

definitely not sell out my dad. like really. He’s family and to be honest the trinity isn’t that great.

My dad got them for me because this year has been hard on me, and then I found out I can’t go to school so all I did was lay down and go on the computer, and I started getting good so he was proud of me and got me more

Oh I thought you were saying your dad had some kind of connection to different manufacturers so that he got the yoyos at no cost at all, but that is still awesome that your dad noticed you getting better, and rewarded you for it.

Out of curiosity, and this is not advice, I’m just asking.
What happens if you tell your dad that your mom offered to buy you a $40 yo-yo if you kept him out of town?

Trinity’s are 95, and he would probably have a big man caniption which is worse than the standard female caniption. Not worth it in any shape or form to inform him of this area of life. Luckily he doesn’t know about the forums.

Also as a note to everyone I had a good talk mum, and we both agreed I just gonna do what dad asked me to do. WOOT. And in the mean time I will be saving up for a night moves 5. And they all lived happily ever after.