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I thought I would post this as it has something that happened to me recently, but also is something I have noticed in the past throughout the years.

I want you to consider something. You own a yoyo, you bought it, got it, somehow, but the fact is, that the yoyo you hold in your hands, is yours.

Now, with that in mind, I want to bring up this issue that I have seen.

I notice some individuals getting very sore about people selling off a yoyo that the particular individual received when it is gifted or won.
They try to say that its “immoral” or “wrong” or “just not right”. I have even gotten responses of “I expected greater of you.”

This is absolute horse apples.

Something that people need to understand, is that once something is yours, its yours to decided what to do with it. You want to ding it? Go ahead. Sell it? Sure!, eat it? That might hurt but its your choice.

Is it morally wrong to sell something gifted to you? No, think of it like this, if you are selling it, it must mean that either A: you appreciate the thought but maybe didn’t like it so much so you decide to sell to get something you can enjoy. That money is still the gift, and what you buy with it will ultimately be the gift as well! Why else do you think large brand name stores have gift receipts?
or B: You need the money for some reason, thus, its still a gift, the person although indirectly, they are helping you out.

People need to stop this “wow thats wrong” stuff. The fact is, what you have is yours, what I have is mine, do what we want.

So for those of you who ever find yourselves in this type of situation, either you feel it might be wrong to sell off or trade something gifted or won, or you already are and some people are talking trash about you. Forget it, do whatever the hay you want, and don’t give a apple buck about what anyone will try to tell you.
Listen to what I just said (or wrote) and block out anything else.

Go have some fun and yoyo.

Thanks or the read my enthusiastic little admirers.




I agree.


Well, this is how I see it in regards to me:

When I buy something, it’s typically for the purposes of keeping it. I’m not a flipper. I’m buying to add to my collection AND to throw it. A while back, I bought a MMN from Jayyo, and I’m super pleased with it. The odds of this ever leaving my possession is slim to none. However, at the same time, I’m sure if I had to sell it, Jayyo wouldn’t even mind, know or even care. After all, it’s no longer in his realm of concern. It’s my problem.

At the same time, when someone makes the decision to SELL an item AND the item SELLS and the item has been sent on it’s merry way, it’s now “someone else’s property”, and as such, the original seller no longer has any say, claim or expectations.

I see people listing yoyos they just bought off BST in order to just flip them and are already listing them with the “in the mail” or similar wording to let you know something is coming in. Whatever.

So, if you’re one of those people trying to hold ties to an object you’ve sold off, BREAK THEM!! It’s too late, you’ve lost your say and control over the item. Get over it, move on. What’s done is done.


I have seen some insane offers on certain yoyos that I have that I would accept in a heart beat but don’t simply because I feel bad because I received it as a gift. It is more because you can offend the person that gave you the gift, but if you won it I see no problems.


its like returning a birthday present that you got. dont tell the person who gave it to you


That’s why everytime I give a gift, I engrave their name on it so they can’t get rid of it! ;D


I get a lot of bad gifts.

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That is very clever sir.


I must agree too. Once it’s yours, do with it what you want.


i totally agree with this … and recently a lot more peeps has been complaining about … new releases being sold out and getting to the b/s/t within the first day of the release… i think we all know what we are talking about…

and to each their own … if you don’t get what you want … for some reason …dont be mad at the other person for getting it and then flipping it on b/s/t … yes some are out there for profit and someone will offer something crazy … like everyone else said… its not your property … so you complaining just makes you look like a … (apple word jayyo uses)

i actually love the b/s/t and sometimes its just the thrill of the trade or just trying some other throw … or getting that one throw you have been waiting for… whatever it is … just have fun with it… everyone is different and have their own desires and priorities… complaining about it just makes you look (repeat apple word here)


Rather a yoyo be used than sit in a drawer. If you don’t play it much, trade, sell or give it to someone who will.


The only time it would bother me is when someone make up a boohoo :’( story about how they can’t afford a nice throw, and they are stuck with their measly throw, and “will I trade them a nice throw since I have so many for their junk.” So out of the goodness of your heart you trade a nice metal throw for their junk to make them happy. Then you find out they sold the nice metal you were expecting them to hold on to and cherish and practice with like they said they would, and you watch them end up with a similar cheap throw like they had before. :expressionless: I don’t like people who use others for their generosity.

Other than that situation, it doesn’t bother me when people pay a fair price or make a fair trade. They can do what they want with it.

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I love people that give me gifts and expect me to keep them forever. (You should see the gifts I give in return. Problem solved!)


When I was a kid, maybe 8 or 9, I saved up a bunch of money. I think I scraped together $60 or so. My dad was getting back into golf and was mentioning that he wanted a 2 wood. I had seen a 2 wood at the local sporting goods store so I was determined that I was going to get it for him. I took me a while, but I finally saved up the money right before his birthday. It was way more money than I had ever owned all at once. I got him the 2 wood and gave it to him for his birthday.

Now fast forward to the next year or so. My dad gets a set of brand new metal woods. He said he doesn’t need his old 2 wood any more, so he gets rid of it for something else. Broke my heart.

I have a couple of yoyo’s that I will never get rid of because of this story. My kids have been given gifts of yoyo’s that they will never get rid of either. Someone put the time/effort/thought into picking out this particular gift for me. This is something worth appreciating.

If my kids ever saved up and got me a yoyo as a gift, I would never trade or sell it. In fact, it would be the crown jewel of my collection, even if it wasn’t my favorite type of yoyo. Some things are more valuable than money.

Now, if I thought the person would be happier if I traded it for something else, that would be different. Like if there was a relative who wanted to got me a yoyo, but didn’t know anything about them so just went off a wrong recommendation from someone else, they might be happier knowing that I was able to get something I liked. But if they bought the yoyo thinking something like ‘he should have the Epic because the sides spin like the rims of his car’ (no I don’t really have spinning rims on my car), then I would keep it.


Maybe I’m just strange.

I am tracking all my BST stuff, so I know who I bought from.

I do agree that some gifts are more special than others. Generally speaking, once given, it stays. But, my in-laws keep giving me these ugly shirts I’m never going to wear, and I’m not allowed to exchange them. Sorry, I’m not into their sense of style. On top of that, they are by brands that simply don’t last. I mean 3 washes and they are already shredding. I’ve just said “you know, I’ve been asking you guys for years to respect my wishes and NOT get me any gifts. Will you PLEASE honor my requests?” It’s gotten so bad that I don’t even accept them anymore and won’t even open them, or take them home.

All my yoyos that come in are special to me in some way, mostly because they are all different. But, they are all well thought out additions to my collection as well, regardless of where they were purchased(store, online store, BST).

Case and point though:
I bought a BVM and I was planning to strip it and have it redone. However, once I could see it in my hand, I STILL wasn’t really thrilled with how it looked. Granted, it has a few dings and scatches, but it was purchased USED, and I could tell the previous owner really liked this, and not to use the term vibe in regards to yoyo performance, but the yoyo gave off a vibe of joy and fun, as this was something played with and enjoyed and maybe even loved. So, out of respect for the spirit of the yoyo, the only thing that will change about this is the response system when what is in there now wears out and needs replacing.

Similarly, I got a gnarwal. The halves don’t even match, color-wise or even color-way. It has even more dings and nicks and scratches than the BVM and my thoughts were also to strip it and have it redone. But it had the same qualities of the BVM, and out of respect of the yoyo, it needs to stay as-is to retain what makes it special.

My kids on the other hand, respect nothing. Everything they get is often broken within 24 hours. I am planning some better yoyos for them, but I worry how long they will last.

For the time being, my “Studio42’s YoYo Orphanarium” is my mechanism for getting my collection completed. Once that’s done, it will be a tool to help people unload their yoyos for cash, and I’ll flip them for fair prices or trade them for something else, that is assuming I don’t keep them! Then again, I may choose to keep the Orphanarium just as I originally intended it to be.

(Troy(oyo) #17

I like trading with people. I get yoyos, play them, and if I stop enjoying them, I give them to someone who can. That is half the fun. I get a yoyo I want, they do too. If a yoyo was gifted to me, it was then used to get a different yoyo I wanted.


I hold on to all the yoyos I get really. They all have something different about them and I love em all.

I only get gifted yoyos I asked for so there’s no yoyo I own that I didn’t/don’t want.


Do what you want too with things. No need too be a sheepole. (sheep people) Just be ready for the person too also feel how they want, and learn too accept that. That’s life.
Just as you think you should be able too do what you want, that have the very same right. Which may mean that get offended. In theory you are doing the very same thing by saying they shouldn’t get offended, as they are for getting offended. Both are a negative reaction too someone emotions. If you care, and know they won’t like you too get rid of it then don’t, if you don’t then do. Trying too change peoples perceptions is just pushing the very same theory back on them. Which is probably also a valid reaction.
Life can be fickle what I am saying is do what you do and expect too up hold the consequences. Which there may be none(which is what you want.) or may be huge. It can go either way and simply knowing a person should tell you which way too go and will dictate your response.

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Also, its learning to not care what people think about the situation, who cares if people get mad, tell em off. Ignore them, yours to do what you want. Consequences? Psh, others being mad or reacting just makes them a total loser.
Do what you want, sell what you want.
Remember kids, I’m always right.