Advice Needed


Well, my brother quit yo-yoing and has about 500 dollars worth of yo-yos. I asked if I could have them, and well, he said no. I can understand that the yo-yos have some sentimental value to him, but he doesn’t really use them and they are some great throws. What should I do about this?

And please, no “Deal with it” business.


Is this an older brother or younger brother?



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Honestly, do you think you should have anything to do with it? The yoyos aren’t yours. If he wants to keep them or sell them that’s really up to him. Besides, most people don’t really quit even when they think they have. Yoyoing is one of those things that most people come back too.

If he has something you really want, offer him something he wants in exchange. Over time he may choose to get rid of some or all of those yoyos or maybe, just maybe, start playin again.


= “Deal with it.”


Not really. I kinda agree with skitrz. That is something I wasn’t thinking about at the time of this affair.


I quit for like 5 or 7 months and im back strong.

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I’ve noticed in several of your threads/posts that even when people say things you might not want to hear, you have been open minded enough to listen and give thought to what’s been said. That’s rather rare, hold onto that quality it will take you far!


Why thank you!
I would give a thank you but I am on an app

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True story.

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I quit for more and Im here. Even in that time I dont think I wouldve let any go to my brother. But I wouldve let him use most of them. Ask about that…


Just tell him if your not using may I borrow one to throw and then put it back? Use them one at a time make them feel like there his even though your the only one to use them

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Ask if you have permission to use them when he isn’t.


What yoyos does he have?
Cause if Its like his chief that he loves don’t ask for that but if its just like a raptor that is a reasonable ask


ehh let him keep his yoyos he may get back in to it some day


buy em from him. he might sell them for ridiculously cheap.

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I-I-I-I sniff stopped yoyoing for a month sniff once.

sniff it’s usually just a phase.

That will ruin you life it it goes on forever :’(

Tell him you’ll tickle his best friend if he doesn’t give them ALL to you.

Or tell your dad/mom to embarrass him if he doesnt hand em over.


But really, if I ever quit yoyoing for a long period of time, I would want to keep my yoyos as a reminder of all the good times I had yoyoing, so I can see where your bro is comin from


you might want to go to the doctor about you nose you seem to be sniffling