Just got some new stuff for my bro.

So, as you might know, I have a 7 year old brother who also yoyos. :slight_smile:
I have a huge collection and I don’t let my brother try all my expensive yoyos due to a chance of an interaction with the ground. :stuck_out_tongue: So anyways, I thought it was time for me to get him so yoyos that he would like. I go over to my friend’s house, he has a pretty awsome collection. I go there, say hi, go to his room, yoyo for a bit, and ask him if he has anything he wants to get rid of. He said “Ya, I have a Speeder, want it?” I said “yes”. He has 3 of them, and the other two are for 3a, so he didn’t want this one. I asked him how much and he’s like “30 bucks?”, I’m really exited inside. Of course I couldn’t pass up this deal, so I say yes, pull 30 bucks out of my wallet and take the Speeder home. I hang at his house until I have to go. When I got back, I was hiding the Speeder, I wanted it to be a surprise. ;D I try to think of an excuse to get out of the house, and I say " Mom, I’ll be outside making a yoyo video", she says ok. I wanted to clean the bearing, satin finish it, and shave the O-ring, so I do that. When I come home, I find my brother sleeping on the couch, he was tired from an early soccer game. And my parents were at the pool. So I go in my room, find an old shoe box, and make a yoyo case for him. I get a piece of foam and carve out holes for the yoyos, make a strap so it goes around his neck, and organize it. I put all the yoyos he had in it, a F.A.S.T. 201 and a Velocity, and of course, his Speeder. I can finnaly clean this up! :stuck_out_tongue: Then I wake up my brother and show him everything, he was exited!!! :smiley: . Just now I took some pics so I could share with you guys:
Here’s the case:



Here’s the inside of the case with a few strings I also threw in:


Here he is with the case around him:


This was kind of a joke photo, but it shows how exited he is:


And last but not least, my brother and I doing my sig and a Green Triangle:


I mainly did this because I love him :-* ; And he deserves it. He was really jelaous of me before this. I never really had the time to do something like this during scool so I did it now. I also got an 888 arriving for him so he is really pumped up.

Awww…how sweet of you doing that to your brother. I have an older brother but he’s not really interested in yo-yoing.

Haha, thats too bad.
My brother loved it.

Wow you’re really nice to your brother ;D

It was a lot of effort, and lying. :stuck_out_tongue:
But it didn’t cost me that much, lol.

wow dude it looks like your bro got ALOT better than since I saw him at Redondo but anyways good job gm user keep the nicities flowin ;D

I was just annoyed ay him, for trying to use my metals and stuff. :-X
I’m ussually nicer to him when he’s not bothering me for my metals, and he hasn’t been doing that much.

Still good job, I would’ve been WAY too lazy to satin it… :wink:

It doesn’t take too long, like 10 minutes at most.

Aw. Aren’t you a nice brother? :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks.

awwwwwww so sweet!

I wish I would get along with my bro like that.

BTW: How did you pursuade your parents to get you a 120 dollar yo-yo for a 7 year old?

Did he do that?

It said he got his Brother a 888 that is on the way.

None of my family is interested in throwing, and none of them think Its a big deal to me (which it is).

I actually got it off a B/S/T for $35.

So kind. I wish my brother would yoyo with me so I could get him yoyos. :smiley: