My brother is awesome!

Hey all, just wanted to say this. I have an awesome brother.

He’s deployed in Afghanistan in the Army. He was allowed some leave for Christmas, so back during Christmas I showed him my yoyo collection, and he was amazed at all of my high-quality yoyos.

He had to have one of these new fancy throws. So he immediately went online and purchased a Black/Amber SPYY Addition from Japan, since that was the only store that had it in stock. So he’s been back in Afghanistan for a while, and I sent him some picks of the new SPYY Addictions colors. I told him that I liked the Slime Slash the best. So what does he do? He buys one for me! Just drops a bunch of money on me, “just because”. It was just my birthday and he already bought me some awesome stuff.

Does anyone else have a brother who does this type of stuff for them?

thats an awesome story dude.But my brother absolutely positively would not ever buy me a yoyo i think he would rather throw them out of a very tall building.

I’d say just being deployed in Afghanistan makes him that.
Buying you a new throw just adds to it.

Best of luck to him on his tour.

ahh no, my brother is normaly a totaly butt face too me. Even now that he is almost 40.

I have an awesome brother… Just that hea younger than me, he saw me yoyoig one day and has been into it ever since then… Around august or so. I like to take care of him and I give him yoyo lessons all the time. He has a velocity and a grind machine. He is 8 and learning his first plastic and wrist whips this week…

The brotherly love goes both ways!