my brother

please try and convince him to start throwin. and tell him why. i will show him this every day or so.

thanks in advance. :smiley:

I’m sorry but this needs to be his choice. This just may push him away even more. I disagree with this.


He’ll eventually get back into it. :slight_smile:

Just keep throwing and he’ll get inspired by you.

do you enjoy being bluntly pressured?

new poll?

lol. only show him this if the posts are good. and my friend started yoing and it took me ages to even teach him to bind

I started yoyoing on my brother-in-law’s insistence. He gave me a yoyo and told me to learn tricks from MasterMagic. Long story short, he calls me Darth Vader now because I’m the apprentice who surpassed him.

just try to teach him tricks let him mess around with your yoyo.

I´ve tried getting my brother to yoyo but he has absolutely no interest on yoyo. I told him the he could use whatever yoyo he wanted and the he could ding it how much he want but he always says no. Something that I find strange is that he teached me how to throw correctly when I build a wooden yoyo just for fun before I bought a ¨real¨ yoyo.

NO. Do not ever push him. I pushed my brother. He started, learned basic tricks, and then, I was kinda excited, cuz then I could throw with him right? So around christmas, he said he wanted a M1… I got him it. He threw it less then 10 times… that was that.

Good news is, I have a mint M1 that I want to trade…

I agree and disagree at the same time. LOL :smiley: :wink: