If you have a sibling who yoyos...


If you have a sibling who yoyos, who started it, you or him/her? Or did you both start it? Who is better? I ask this because I know of a few people who have siblings who yoyo.


Trying to get my little brother into it. He’s 9 right now and so I put a few loops over the bearing of my Phantom and let him go to town on it. Starting to get the hang of just a regular forward throw but eh. He doesn’t really have the attention span for it just yet me thinks.


Nope, haha. My siblings refuse to get into it :-\ I wish they did though. My brother claims to yoyo “a little” when I talk to someone about it, but he doesn’t really… Haha. But it’s no biggy. I get to be the yoyo guy 'round town XD


same my siblings want nothing to do with my hobby. However my brother is able to bind but that’s it.


my little brother was who actually got me into it and he is only 9. i saw him playing around with a one by yoyofactory that he got for his birthday and i quickly picked it up after that.


We both started at the same time learning from the same person. He rarely buys throws himself but instead just buys or trades for the stuff I get that he likes.


I’ve been yoyoing on and off for about 4 years. My little brother bought some crappy Yomega from the store around November last year and was just throwing it around so I talked to my dad and we agreed to get him a Legacy III for Christmas. So far all he’s got is a bind, and whenever I try to get him to learn some tricks he just says “I don’t really want to.” Hopefully he’ll go for it soon.


My little bro yoyos. I started about a week before he did but I am way better. He refuses to practice.


My brother can do stuff. Out of control, because of no practice, but he can do like double or nothing… 3d elihops(wth) and stuff.


I got my younger brother into yoyoing four or so years ago, but he really got into last year when he tried his first metal ( my onedrop code2) at my wedding. Since then, he introduced throwing to his friends at work. I wish he lived closer so we could throw together :-\


Well, to answer my own question, Philip and me kind of did it together. I think we each had a decent for someone who literally just started. We had both learned a few months before things like around the world and rock the baby but nothing intense. Then one day Philip picked it up again which got me kinda back into it, and then I looked up a tutorial for yoyo tricks on youtube and the rest was history.

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My brother hates yoyoing. Whenever he sees me throwing he’s like “That is so dumb”. But I don’t really care what he thinks of me. “Its like whatever we out here we good”. (Love using that quote) :smiley: