Theyostore and Yoyogalaxy?

How are these websites? My friend was gonna buy something from one of those two (cant remember which) and I told him just to go with yoyoexpert. Do they have good feedback? Not trying to diss yoyoexpert here, their the best website IMO but im just trying to help my friend out. Thanks.

I suggest you take this up with someone in PM’s. It’s pretty rude to come here and ask YYE about competitive stores.

Contact the other stores via e-mail. But I’d go with YYE :slight_smile:

I dont really see how this is rude. Im trying to convince someone to shop at YYE, therefore I am supporting the store. I am also being a good friend, making sure my friend doesn’t run off and spend 100 dollars on a yoyo from a faulty site.

Theyo is great. I would sing their praises but this is not the place to do so. Theyostore is having a little trouble lately because of YoMike’s death but his nephew and assistants are working hard to keep it going in his memory.

O right, I heard about his death. Sad.

Your friends money is best spent here instead of those. Plain and simple :wink:

I convinced him. Sorry bout this thread.