some good yoyo sites

CAn you guys post a site that some cheap yoyos maybe list some. i have a dm and a dv888 so 20 or less ty

Why? Doesn’t yoyoexpert have enough?

IT has so much but i wanted to know more yoyo maybe

I don’t think anybody here is going to post any, so you can try just searching around. You’ll find some, even though YYE has plenty.

There is probabably 15 online stores just here in the US. Google is your friend. NOw for the more important problem. You are on a forum that is supported by an online store. Asking for another store is plain rude. If YYE doesn’t have exactly what you want then search it out yourself.

Agreed. Not to sound mean though.

Yeah I wasn’t trying to sound mean. Just reapect the store that own’s the forum. That’s all.

Well, I guess this thread can help you.