Not allowed to trade?

Is there any convincing argument to allow my parents to allow me to trade yoyos? Right now they don’t want me to randomly meet random people… and give our address, and they’re afraid of scammers…

And how much would a Mint M1 be? I have a super mint one, no marks, original box, original silicone, even original string…

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thats there job. show them there feedback.

If your mom or dad has a work, tell them that you can tell the person you are trading to to send the yoyos there. That what my parents said when if I want to trade someday.


trade with people with good rep
rent a PO box
I will trade my satined perfectly applied siliconed (will last a year with good use), 10 ball bearing. It grinds like a dream, has no vibe (aside from a little yyj vibe) and is supersmooth. You can use it for 1345A (2A if you get a knot) I will throw in a yukki spencer card, an ORIGNINAL box and 5 snacktime strings (good for 5 months!)

is it flow groove? If so, I value it at around $50

dude its called feedback. if that doesnt seem to change their mind then tell them that its just like getting something off ebay.

As some other guy said, you can rent a PO box. You will get stuff without involving your parents’ address.

Also tell your parents that we have a working feedback system and that scammers are quickly detected.

Trade with your own yoyos, your own money, your own PO box.

Well if they ship first it shouldn’t be a problem, i don’t think they’d do that though. I really don’t know other than check feedback and paypal.

A PO Box is a great idea, also, a tracking number. You can tell them, “No shipping number, no trade”. Then you know were your YoYo is. I know it makes me feel a little more content.

yeah but they could be sending nothing in the box

But I doubt USPS will let you do that.

BST’s are so convenient. You can get nearly new (or even new) yoyos for less, you can sell things you don’t want, and even if you purchase a new yoyo and hate it, trade it away. I haven’t bought a new yoyo for a while, simply because BST’s are so great.

ok but they can send nothing but a weight