How should i trade?

How should I trade? if someone shoots me an offer and i accept it. Do i just package up the yoyo in a box and send it to the post office? or what should i do?

Well depends how ur trading but usually u need to bring it to the post office and get a confirmation number then they shipp it out

It depends. Since you’re new, this is how it works:

The person with the lowest trade rating ships first. Since you have a 0, you ship first. I would suggest using Priority Mail with delivery confirmation at the very minimum. Send the other person the tracking information.

They’ll either send after they receive it or after you send the confirmation number.

Also, before you trade, buy or sell to anyone, please do check their BST feedback rating. If you see negatives, determine how you want to proceed. Do this early on in the negotiating process.

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Thanks studio you have been a great help. Thank you for all your help. I see you help everyone and I love how you have an answer to all my questions again thanks so much XD

You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for.

I’ve got a growing BST rating. I always BUY and I always pay first. That’s how I like to work.

There’s lots of great folks on BST, and as a result, lots of amazing deals.

It’s relatively simple, but there are alot of factors involved. As Studio said, since you are new, you will be expected to ship first for a while, until you build up a reputation. Some people will be lenient and ship at the same time though, it just depends on who your dealing with.
A few good rules of thumb to remember are:
-Once you have agreed to a trade with someone, and have gone as far as trading addresses, don’t change your mind and back out. It’s considered very rude. You can always talk to the other party about it if your having misgivings though, most people are very pleasant to deal with on here.
-In my opinion, everyone should ship USPS priority with delivery confirmation at the very least. It only cost five bucks, and is VERY reliable. Usually taking only 2-3 days to arrive.
Though First Class is a good option too. No matter what, i think you should always use delivery comfirmation.
-When you box the yoyo up, take care to wrap it snugly, that way when its en route, its safe inside the box, not bouncing around and getting new scratches.
What i usually do is; Unscrew the yoyo and wrap each half separately in bubble wrap. Then take the bearing and axle and put them in a small baggie and tape it to the inside of the box. This ensures no parts will get lost and everything will arrive in the condition you sent it.

I must warn you though, trading is addictive once you get going with it. It’s really an awesome system. It allows you to try all kinds of new stuff without ever having to spend much money. You gain friends, experience, new yoyos, and fun. What’s to lose?
I haven’t bought a new yoyo (with a few small exceptions ;)) since i started trading, and i have probably tried hundreds of new ones. Personally i prefer to get new yoyos in trade than purchase them. That is, unless i’m in Eugene :wink: hehe.

All in all, trading is a very very good time. Just treat people the way you expect to be treated and you will have a blast!!
Good luck!!

Nicholi pretty much hit the nail on the head but one other thing is this. If you have a bad feeling about somebody or they just seem off to you. For some odd reason you don’t feel like you can trust this person hen your instincts are probably right. My very first trade I got scammed and that was hard to get over and start trading again.

I am not trying to scare you away from the bst but it is best to trade with others who have high trade count. If you have zero and someone else has 6 then you will be expected to ship first but 6 trade count is not much at all. I suggest that you trade with people with high trade count to build up your trade count.

Of course, there will be traders who have low trade count but still have good yoyo, just be very carefull. The bst can be wonderfull and it can let you try many yoyos that you would have no access to otherwise but please use your head and just be safe. Hope that helps.

Even if the person sends me the adress

If you have not agreed to trade yet and the person sends you the address, then there’s no reason you can’t decline the offer, once both of you have exchanged addresses, then it’s very rude to back out. Always be wary of someone who has 0 feedback and expects you to ship first, does not have pictures, has negative feedback, and has feedback from someone who is very new, as in feedback from someone who created their account on the same day. It’s much easier if you print out a shipping label here, then all you have to do is cut out and glue the label on a box and throw it into your mailbox.

YES!! … btw you still have the berserker?

No, he doesn’t, unfortunatly.

does that mean you have it? lol

I traded it unfortunately. Bad decision.