ways to persuade my parents to let me trade

i need some ways.

mate this doesnt belong here. its not a buy sell or trade thread
is recomendation thread so can yu take it off?

welll if it a yoyo i dont use i say " welll mom i never use this yoyo and i really want a _____ plus half the fun of yoyoing is trading". Or sometimes i say " mom sometimes i dont have money so can i trade for this yoyo its super goood " and i always have to explain all yoyos arent the same

yup. it really is half the fun to trade.

dude i have spent like a total of like only $60-maybe $70 on shipping and i have gotten so many epic throws! it’s all worth it.

Just explain how much cheaper it is than buying new yoyos and how there is an honor system/feedback system. Heck, if your parents are that concerned about the other person, they could talk to them themselves.