I can't be the only one.

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When I hear the mail truck, I run upstairs and peer out of the window ever so carefully to see if he puts any yoyo looking packages in my mail box. Am I the only one that does this?


Sorta. I don’t like mail sitting in the community mailbox, so I try to get it ASAP. Especially if it’s a YYE box!

One time, I got 3 packages from BST arriving at once, and they all went into the parcel box, and the carrier put the key in the wrong box! I had to wait for someone else to open the parcel box and then leave the contents inside. I check the parcel box every day just out of habit.

I forget how many yoyos were in there, but I think they were all CLYW’s that day.

I’m currently waiting for a Phenom to come today, and I hope my RecRev Sharp and my Agape come soon as well.


I’d like to say I share the feeling, but alas, I cannot. I cannot hear the mail truck from my house. My mailbox is about 100 yards away. Usually though, I’ll check the mail every 20 min when the mail is due to come if I am expecting a package.

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Haha rough bro. The funny thing for me is that my mailman is ultra lazy…and if something doesn’t fit in the box, rather than putting it on my step like he’s supposed to he leaves a note telling me to pick it up at the post office. So to prevent this I was looking out the window one day and he somehow knew I did that and looked up at the window and saw me and glared at me; he then proceeded to get out of the truck and take the box up to the step.

(JonasK) #5

My mail arrives while I’m gone. And I usually just get this delivery ticket with a customs fee on it, which I then have to take to the post office and then pay out before I can get anything.


its a common practice for most of us


i will watch until the mailman actually comes


I keep the window open to my computer room open(where I often am in the AM) to hear the mail get delivered.

Today, I was robbed. I have guests staying and he received my box. Grrr…

Oh well, doesn’t make the Phenom inside it any less pretty(nickel plated with gold ring, freakin’ awesome, it matches my Rolex!). Not the first time I’ve been robbed of bring a yoyo box inside, but hey, that’s life.

Still waiting for my other package to even hit the mailbox.


My mainsail man drives a minivan with a sign on his roof, so even if the mail box was close to my house I couldn’t here it.

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It’s called an iPhone (stupid spell check).

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Haha I was just being obnoxious


If i dont have school that day since my mail man usually comes around 4 at 1 I start looking out the window and at 3 I sit on the porch and when he comes I stare at him to creep him out for fun.


My mail usually arrives when I am at school but I ask right away if it came.


when i first started to trade… and order stuff… i would stalk the mail mans every move!!! i would follow the tracking # every day lol

but now … i just wait for it come … but still get excited when i see the box… i like being surprised … when a box comes and i don’t expect it … not knowing when it will get here… but i know that i have the option of tracking … but sometimes its fun not to ;D


Keep in mind most YYE orders are trackable. If you have an iPhone, there’s a USPS app so you can stalk your package. I’m fairly positive that other smart phones have an equivalent, it makes sense. My mail typially comes within 90 minutes of the claim that the package left for delivery.

I also have to track FedEx and UPS on a regular basis.

Last order:
Ordered on the 28th, it didn’t ship until the 30th for some reason, which is fine. I ordered it after their hours and normal west coast business hours. Heck, it was past Hawaii business hours when payment went. Came December 2nd. 3 days! YYE rocks!


Wow, I haven’t even ordered a yoyo from online for a while now. I’ve just been trading for a long time now.


It’s nice for me because the mailman comes as I get home from school