Quick Little Question

When yoyonation ships to you, (priority mail), does it appear in your mailbox or do they like knock on your door/ ring the doorbell and leave a package on your front steps?

It will appears to your mailbox. It happens to me all the time! :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

Yes. This.

It comes in your mailbox.

It varies. Sometimes, they leave it on my front porch, sometimes they stuff it in the mailbox.

It depends on how much you buy. If you buy a lot, they have to use a big box. If the big box doesn’t fit in your mailbox, they put it on your front porch. (Hopefully you have one) If its smaller they just stick it in your mailbox. Hopes this helps. :smiley:

What if its the yoyo, 20 pieces of string, and a bottle of thin lube?

In your mailbox.

But does it really matter?

You’ll get it won’t you?

YoYoElite- No, it will still come in your mailbox with all that stuff.

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the fact that he said “yoyonation”. Do you know what site you’re on?

People mention YYN all the time here- the only time we would be disappointed is if someone directed buisness to YYN instead of YYE.