VPNs to use in China

(Ken) #1

Since the Chinese government blocks Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc, do you guys have any ideas how I can access these websites via VPN or anything else?


Shadowsocks is what I hear works. They want us (Discourse) to host their forums but we’re balancing the possible repercussions with the Chinese government if we do.


I use Astrill


Most should work. Before you pay for anything, you might try out Vpngate. It’s an open VPN service that relies on the community to maintain the servers. It’s pretty decent for many territories. Link It’s worth a shot to test out what will work for you.

Vpngate works well with openvpn if you use OS X I recommend Tunnelblick If you use Linux, openvpn works well but I prefer WireGuard (which also runs on os x) - If you’re on Windows, openvpn works well on there but I recommend SoftEther

(Evan Landreneau) #5

Why does china block all of the good websites? If I were to go one day without Youtube, my heart would stop beating and I would die. R.I.P

(ChrisFrancz) #6

…for political / control reasons - neither of which we will discuss here.

(Ken) #7

I was able to use the forums in China without much blocking my access.


You need a life.
You’d probably get by just fine.

(Evan Landreneau) #9

Yeah I was just joking. I’m sure I could survive, but it would be hard without the internet.