---New Video: The Mixtape #2--- Augie Fash in China:

What’s up gentlemen? Well, and the occasional lady friend.

Over the next 3 weeks myself and Takuto will be performing in 11 major Chinese cities.
I’ll keep you guys constantly updated with blogs on the trip. Sights, food, yoyo tricks, performances, etc.
Check out the progress at:


have a safe trip bro!

Have fun

have a great time!

Have a fun safe trip. :slight_smile:

reffering to yourself in third person eh?

Will you go to HongKong?


Many of my major websites are blocked in China, including my blog, facebook, etc.
We’ll figure out a way around this. 8)

I am unable to go to Hong Kong. I will go to many other big cities though.

So are you actually over there now or still stuck in the air or wha? Augie, just look up some way to get on a proxy so you can loop around it.

Make sure to stock up on those “supplies” like you said on FB :wink: Dont eat too much shark fin soup!

Shame you can’t get to hongkong. :frowning:

Some google searching and a phone call from Russia was all it took to sneak the censors.
…Pretty sure I’m gonna get kicked out of this country. :-X

Blog back up and running at http://butterscotchgenius.blogspot.com/ !

Dope new tech tricks:

cool tricks. hey augie, i was wondering how do you make such technical tricks??? ive been yoyoing for 9 months now and i think im rather good but i dont understand how people make tricks like those and the ones you do. so just how do you do it :open_mouth:

You just need to learn some tech tricks first; then you can make your own.
I’d start with the Andre’s Ladder Escape tutorial. 8)

ok thanks! ill get right to it! :]

Sooo… Are there going to be alot of short clips? Lobby Slack? Elevator Whips? Free Continental Breakfast Regens?

That would be rad…

I’m going to try to; probably won’t be able to edit anything though, because all I have is my webcam and stillcam.

Where I film really depends on where I can find a counter tall enough to place my camera. :wink:

Sounds like all of them are done in a hotel :smiley:

Probably, but we’re changing hotels almost every night.
So at least there will be a different bathroom counter and window shades with every new video! :wink:

Say hello to Theodore McSweeney.

He’s a magical traveling gnome from the land of far far away. He’s nifty and thrifty and will be accompanying us for the rest of our Chinese journeys.

Check this and more updates at:

New Video: The China Mixtape

Watch it at http://www.butterscotchgenius.blogspot.com