Augie Fash has a snazzy new sponsorship.

Heck yeahhh. Augie’s been my biggest inspiration and my favorite person in the community. He dumped YYF last year for C3YoyoDesign. I can’t wait for what’s ahead!

lol c3 whut

only if he dyes his hair pink/purple is it official


Sweet! One of my favourite throwers and one of my favourite companies united! =D


Awesome good for him hope he prospers long.

Love c3 and love Augie!

Where can I find this info?

I can’t wait to see Augie new hair style !!


I’m just glad He is back in general. He has been one of my favorites from the the start and I look forward to more of him throwing! Go Augie!

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:o now I understand why yoyonews said the C3 team was the greatest ever assembled…

I found this out when He changes his profile picture on Facebook. It was him with the Golden C3YoyoDesign Logo T-Shirt and shades.

I think this is a weird fit, why anyone would leave YoYoFactory is something I can’t explain!

Okay we don’t know he is on C3 based on him wearing a Tshirt. I wear a OneDrop Tshirt that doesn’t mean I am sponsored by them. Lets not go jumping to conclusions.

EDIT: Okay I get it! He is on C3.

There was a disagreement. They wanted Augie to travel and do demos and Augie didn’t want to. So he left the team. I find it understandable.

Well, on yoyonews there was a promo for a new video of his, so when that video comes out we’ll probably find out if he has a new sponsor or not.

He changed his job on Facebook to C3 saying he worked there so I’m going to say he’s on.

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Wow Augie Fash and Jensen at worlds :o

He said so in comments. He is sponsored by C3.

I play at yo club with his brother peter fash all of the time :wink:

Good to hear he ditched YYF

Hes in c3. Augie is going to WIPE nationals.

Can’t wait to see what develops here! I have his old sig yoyo (YYF Boss for those that don’t know) and it rocks!