Yuuki Spencer joins LSFC


Yuuki Spencer joined the lsfc:


…oh, and by the way, Jensen has a new video up on their youtube channel:


I think this is the start of a Yukki comeback. My bets are he will be sponsored by CLYW by the end of the month, after Jensen returning to the competition world and now Augie I think he is getting eager :wink:

And seriously that’s all he could come up with while staying home from BAC :wink: I gotta say though I couldn’t stop laughing at the end I woke up my parents…


New hat wearing trend right there.


I just realized something…


I think it was just about having fun, and not about “all he could come up with.” Anyway, I was laughing too… “belly regen”  :smiley:


haha I know I was just kidding :slight_smile: that Jon Rob video made it even that for more funny :wink:


I wonder what Yuuki’s signature yoyos going to be like? I bet its going to be freakin sweet!
But im really excited for Yuuki, Augie, and Shinya. Some much awesome stuff coming out.


He’s not even sponsored at present and you’re talking sig yoyo…


Im sorry gosh


All the best yoyoers who came to their senses LEFT YYF


But People who were sponsored By OD (Probably the very best) Left for YYF? Why?



I don’t understand YYf at all


Those insane regens with a fixed axle that Jensen did at the beginning made me swear at least thrice


Zammy isnt sponsored by YYF as far as I know.

I wonder what Yuuki’s signature yoyos going to be like? I bet its going to be freakin sweet! (this is a quote) won’t go in like a quote for some reason
Little Scrappy Fetus crew isn’t a company I hope you realize this… It’s just a “crew” that all have a passion for yoyoing, it consist of awesome throwers such as, Jensen Kimmit Charles Haycock,Chase Hadden, Anthony Rojas, Zach Gormley, Elliot Jackson, Drew Tetz, Rodrigo Pires and now Yuuki.


Yes, he is. He now is representing them.


Maybe things have changed since this but read the bottom paragraph
The Yoyofactory “Soul Doubt”. Zammy signature edition Dv888.
Boy, did this cause quite a bit of buzz in the yoyo community that I am a part of. Although now that it has been after April fools, people...


That was two months ago.

Notice how he is repping the HECK out of them in the comments by trying to get people to buy the Supernova. Sorry Zammy, but no.


Me, too. So good.


Zammy is not on yyf.


Even if he’s not, He will be soon.

I feel it… :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoops accidentally quoted something


Why the hate on YYF? I feel that they are a high quality, fair priced, yoyo company. I’ve tried almost all of their products and one has yet to fail me or malfunction.
And the YYF team is great. Every one of the members has their own style and personality, just like every yoyo team should have.

I don’t hate, or love. I respect.


I will respectfully disagree. I feel that they are not fair priced. Many think that they majorly overprice some of their throws. I feel that they only sponsor those who have “Swag” like Tyler Severance and Gentry Stein, although Gentry is a nice boy. And they do have their fair share of faulty yoyos, but that’s ok. Cracked northstars, weight rings in the yoyo backwards, etc.

But I do respect them and do not “Hate” or “Despise” them. I simply do not support them anymore.