Shinya Kido to C3


Wow. Huge deal. He’s been with YYR forever, his brother owns the company for goodness sake. Sig already designed, didn’t catch the name of it on the JN stream. 7075, made in HK, 4 colors, looks about average sized. Shinya and Augie = massive gets for C3. Amazing to see how fast they’ve blown up in the last 2 years.


C3 is really booming lately collab with clyw, augie fash on their team, Now shinya is on c3.
This is amazing. I cant believe this.


Called the Crown

Weight: 65.5g Diameter: 56mm Width: 45mm



The profile reminds me of a MO-VITATION with that little groove near the rims that the Avalanche has.



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I don’t understand why blood relation is the primary reason for associating yourself with one company or another. He’s provided a certain level of support presumably, and is now switching gears.

It’s not like when I move out of my mom’s house to live in an apartment owned by someone else, I’m doing it out of spite or greed. I’m doing it for other opportunities and experiences that I might not necessarily get at home.


I do agree completely, but “leaving the nest” is definitely expected and endorsed by most, if not all, parents around the world (barring extenuating circumstances).

Leaving the “family business”, though, carries a much different connotation. I’m obviously not privy to their emotions or lack there of, but I have a hard time believing that everyone involved is happy with how things seem to have turned out.

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It probably wasn’t the most airtight example, but it’s mostly referring to the opportunities present outside, in which case it’s completely right.


There was definitely a bit of drama involved from what i could gather: . I don’t speak Japanese though, so maybe it’s a translation thing. Either way he seems happy at C3 from the yoyonews post. Very surprised they could proto and make a run in just a few months, said he expected a year or more, which is YYR’s typical timeline lol. Can’t wait to buy one, just hope the price is reasonable, guessing $135, maybe as high as $145, any higher and they’ve done goofed, even if it’s 7075. I’m sure it was a huge move for him to make, but definitely super exciting. Too much awesome stuff happening these days.


First it was Chia now Shinya, i wonder what is happening within the YYR team, but maybe it’s just me.

Congrats to the C3 team anyway ;D


I’m not sure anything jumps out at me about that yoyo. I mean, it’s every bit as good-looking and well-specced as some of the other C3 offerings, but it doesn’t stand out from the lineup.


We’ll see what the reviews are when people play it!


chia has been with yoyofactory (i think), c3, yyr, and something. and dang, so many different companies!

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I think C3 has to push quite large amount of money in their team, in form of plane tickets, percentage from signature models and in cash. I think that is reason why they can get as many great people from other teams in so short time.


Honestly right now c3 has a good enough team that, in my opinion, they could sweep the podium many competitions.


That many? I thought before he joined Something he had only been in the YYR team


calm down bro. there are definitely more factors to it than what youre considering. C3 is a great team. i love it, so whats the deal? if the player in question is happy, well, who are we to judge their decisions?


It’s definitely interesting to see all this moving around. I love it. Marcus from Turning Point to Audley, Shinya from yyr to c3, Augie from yyf to c3, there is some one else I feel like I’m forgetting. But I think this is great, I love to see players move around. Especially when it results in some great new yoyos :wink:


These were not my reasons at least. :slight_smile:
I love Walter, Ron, and Simpson, and I love their yoyos, so I started talking to them about sponsorship simply because I wanted to support them. I actually decided to join the team before even having any sort of offer as far as flights/signature models/etc. goes.
They are some of the best people in yoyo making some of the best products so it was just something I wanted to be a part of. :slight_smile:




Christopher Chia from YYR to Something.