augie fash

today augie said he quit yoyofactory he said on facebook :frowning: sad times

I don’t think it’s all that bad, I don’t care all that much what team he’s on as long as he keeps yo-yoing :slight_smile:
He is still yo-yoing right?

ya i think so

Yeah, I just saw on Facebook as well. I hope he keeps throwing. His smile was quite infectious.


wow yyf lost and yuuki and augie now, both players who have been with them for at least 5 years
maybe 2012 is the end of the world?

yes it is… sad,sad times… if augie is gonna read this, dont dissapear! your my, and probably many others favorite yoyoer! keep throwing!

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Keep throwing Augie!

We love you!

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I wonder what the reason behind this is.

this means i gotta buy a catalyst before they decide to discontinue them.

i wonder if the 7075 and hubstacked will still be released…

I guess they’ll release what they already have and just stop engraving Augie’s name/sig on them.


I figured he was going to quit something with the thread he entitled “1997 - 2012” (it had that amazing video in it) which I assumed meant when he started yoyoing to when he was going to stop.

YYF has definitely lost the best of the best. It’s the end of an era for them, I think.

Hopefully they can build up a new team of top players again.

Augie, whether you stop throwing or not, best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

Who cares?

What’s your problem? Augie seemed really nice and a great guy. He was always smiling and was just a likeable person. I hope he succeeds in whatever he chooses to do.

what is your problem Q! but yeah augie fash is the best!

Sad to hear this. Augie is a boss. Perhaps my EYYC Catalyst will become a rare yoyo in the future then?? 8)

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Augie is a nice guy. I have met him a couple of times. Whether he quits or not he’s a great person.

To advance and grow in life one must make changes. Wishing you the best Augie!

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I don’t have a problem. Augie is my favorite yoyoer for many a reason, but seriously, who cares about him being on a team or not? I don’t. He’s still a sick thrower, regardless of who pays for his flights to worlds.


The fans are the ones that are making it a major big deal versus those within Yoyofactory and Augie himself, so just be chill guys. If he ever explains it he will.

I assure of you on one thing, he will never quit yoyo. He loves yoyoing as much as anyone that I know including myself.

Its just you have to remember now
-1) He is either done with college or almost done with college so he has to think of his future/career

-2)He has been a part of Yoyofactory since nearly 2004/2005…thats a lot of time to be a part of a company.

In order to grow as a person, you must make drastic changes and evolve.

The comment about his video, he made the title that way not because of quitting Yoyofactory, but because of the tricks he put in it, it was a lot of his material over the years.