BAC 2010 video thread!

youtube is already starting to show videos!

if you have any videos or find anymore videos post them here!

Augie is such a performer not really in it to win it just to spread yoyoing.

If I could have stayed longer I would post all the stuff for you guys…

I left at 1:00. >:(

I still have some videos though.

Go Augie.

Patrick Mitchell, I officially love your 2A. Great effing performance!

Not the best yoyoing I ever seen.

It’s funny because in every comment you post, it’s always a negative comment. :smiley: JK

But what was the best yoyoing you have ever seen?

BTW, Augie dropped his yoyo. But he’s still awesome though! I shook hands with him. Two hands actually. :o


Thats not true

i’m pretty sure i have seen that freestyle from augie five times

Hope somebody on Youtube posts a video of Tyler’s performance. Probably a ton of you guys know that I like Tyler a ton. All time favorite yoyoer.

I know right, I will say he needs to come up with some new tricks.

I only did a 5A freestyle to put on a good show for the non-yoyo crowd. If was going for points I would’ve put in different combos, but I didn’t want to sacrifice performance for newer tricks.

Even so, the combos at :45 and 1:24 are new ones I learned from Tyler/Miggy. =)

I understand that you always try to put on a good show for the non yoyoing community but doesn’t it ever get kind of old? You know, only competing the same thing? At least I hope you will have something absolutely new for us at worlds.

was jenson using a protostar?

yes and i can confirm that from the yoyofactory site

It does a bit… That’s I actually wasn’t even planning on competing when I got to the event. I only decided to after a few friends thought I should. So I borrowed P Middy’s freestyle cd and winged the fs off the top of my head.
Though, the performing part of freestyling never gets very old, even if the tricks do. There’s nothing that matches the tenseness of the adrenaline you get on stage and the excitement you get from working a crowd. =)

i am not saying i didn’t like it but it would be nice have some new stuff but the fact you came up with that off the top of your head is amazing

So very true.

I know Daclink on youtube has like 29 FS’s

Does anybody have Sterling’s freestyle? I want to see it pretty bad…

straight from the yoyoyfactory website