(Kei) #1

So I was looking at some cal states freestyles at sector Y and I came across Augie’s. Let me tell you this man is a beast!!! You guys probably already know that, but I haven’t seen that much. I regret that now. Here is the awesome vid.


Yeah Augie is awesome.

Notice the part at about :40 where he looks up? That will make me laugh every time ha. (One time he did that trick too high and got it stuck on some lighting or whatever haha.)


haha No way? That’s why he does the look up? All i know is I have changed my view of him, I hadn’t really he seen him and I’m not really a ‘hype-follower’, but watching this guy throw is just plain out fun! I’ve never had so much fun watching a freestyle. I have to put Augie on my fave players list now. I want to be as fun and entertaining as he is!


So entertaining…
Fun to watch…
He’s my favourite too, starting now… :wink:


Yeah. Hilarious. He has too much fun.


Augie is the man. Always has been. That’s one of the cleanest freestyles of his I’ve seen in a long time… Which is awesome. He best be finishing top three this year.
My first Augie Fash experience:


How many times did he changes his yoyo??


Dude that is an insane arial. That’s got to be like 15 ft minimum haha.

(Kei) #9

LOL!  :smiley: OH MAN, that first arial was so funny! Did he ever get it back? Hope it didn’t fall on another player during their freestyle.


Nah, it stayed up for quite some time. I think people were even throwing juggling equipment and 4A yoyos up there to try and knock it down.


LOL!!! Made my day


It’s so weird to me that there are people who don’t know about that! It feels like yesterday.

(Mitch) #13

Augie Fash is my FAVORITE yoyoer EVER… I mean he is like my biggest inspiration when it comes to yoyoing… He is just the man…

I asked him a couple of questions a while ago…

Theres part of it…

And also check this video…