New Team Horizon video is




I feel like I’m missing out on all the WYYC videos cuz I’m in China and can’t get a vpn :frowning:

I tried to eat my lunch while watching this video but I was afraid to blink, let alone find a way to coordinate my spoon in such a way as to eat. Amazing.

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My favorite was the Offstring Double Corkscrew!


Oh - that is GOOD! Thanks for sharing @Eric_Koloski!

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I think there’s a thing like YouTube that works in China but I dunno if it’ll have this specific video. Here’s a link, see if it works:

Oh yeaah, I know about youku but It’s rly hard to find specific videos because the search is hardwired to understand chinese lol

I suppose I’m destined to buy the Marco…

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The Marco is amazing! You should definitely get it. I got it in the April Mystery box and it has been one of my top throws since.