It’s a sad day, folks. I can no longer access the YYE site from a computer at the hospital where I am employed. I have purchased countless throws as they “dropped” on these work computers, but alas, those days are over. IT updated computer software across the network this week and we were told for some reason or another there was an “infinite” amount of websites that were now blockable. For whatever reason I guess YYE is now one of those sites. At least I still have my phone…


:’( That is awful news N8. I use a portable wifi hot spot with unlimited usage on the account. I’m ready for any such tragedy. I need access to all YYE drops immediately. :slight_smile:


They probably whitelisted the sites they want you on. Use the Google translate trick if you need to get on.


Could also try a VPN; I prefer ThreatSpike Dome, but due to their US server going down, latency may be a tiny bit higher than usual (I went from 40ms ping to 130ms).


Yep, VPN would be my answer. So easy to get around most IT setups that way.


Yeah, I was at home depot, and wanted to order a token, but when i got on their wifi, YYE was blocked. But it was ok, since I had 3G to use.


Just be careful trying to get around any blocks. That’s grounds for termination at most places with a savvy IT department.


Yeah, I’ll try some things. I work for a massive multi-national hospital corporation. Don’t want to get in too much trouble for sure.


At least YYE didn’t block your job.


All the more reason to be extremely cautious. Large companies don’t take kindly to people skirting the policies. They tend to be very paranoid. I know. I used to work for one.


Google translate trick???


When you use Google translate on a site, you’re now getting the site from Google, not from the original servers. So it can get around certain filters and blackings.


As an IT myself, I would probably drill you into the ground for “going around” the policies. They are there for a reason. Work is work, play is play. If you need to check yye or whatever else is blocked, use your phone or something on a break.