Connectivity problems?


Wasn’t sure where to put this, so move it if you need. (Mods)

About every 30 minutes to an hour, I will just be browsing yye, and then I click on something and it says page not found. Normal, right? ONly thing is, all other websites work and I still have internet connection. Then after usually 15 minutes it works again. This gets very annoying because if it happens while typing a message, the person has to wait half an hour to get their response. Anybody know how to fix it?

P.S. If any of you remember the 2 days in a row when yoyoexpert just didnt work at all, it gives me the same message as it did when I tried to connect then.


I don’t know if YYE has a dedicated server, or is doing a co-lo thing, or is multi-homed or virtual hosted on another machine. I don’t know what equipment is in the data center as well as how much, as well as what is the uplink connectivity. Without taking the time to investigate more, I can’t say where the congestion and bottleneck issues are, or maybe the server is simply being overloaded too often.

YYE has a history of being bogged down. I am also fairly sure the commerce/store is on another server entirely, however I suspect it’s on the same provider’s data floor.

In my case, I have to ALSO deal with my ISP being bad. I can get a decent hour, but they usually happen when I am asleep, letting my deal with droppy daytime connectivity(5AM to 2AM) IF I can get connectivity. I can never tell which end is having the issue from my vantage point.

I have been trying to download YouTube video since Monday so I can watch it. Fortunately, I’ve slaved that task off to a workstation I don’t use very often. At some point, I will get that 5 minute clip…
(yes, it can be that bad at my place).

I’m positive any issues are being addressed as necessary. If the issues are not constant, I wouldn’t worry.


Its not constant. But it happens upwards of 10 times a day. The weird thing is, if I search yoyoexpert on google and go straight to the store it works, but going to the forum makes it quit. Its also weird that before the day it didnt work for anyone (Blue mountain majesty release day) , it never had done that before.


A similar problem happens with me is that, everytime I try to post a reply to a thread, it loads the “no internet connection” page then I’d have to click back, and then click post again so that my reply goes through :confused: anyone else?