Connection Problems?

(Q) #1

I’ve been getting an error message between loading screens quite a bit as of late. Anyone else having a similar problem?

(DOGS) #2

Every once in a while yeah.


It happens around here from time to time.


Daily. It’s part of the YYE experience.


It happens quite a bit, but really is no big deal. Never happens for more than 10 minutes or so.


(Q) #7

Well it’s a big deal when I’m trying to be clever but can’t get into the bloody thread in time to deliver my punchline.


This is a very legitimate complaint. No one should ever be denied their opportunity to be clever. This is especially true for Q, whose clever moments come along so very rarely.

(Q) #9

It’s about time that somebody understands my artistic struggle.

(DOGS) #10

I find that quite often, when attempting to post in a way that demonstrates my captivating mystique, in the form of double posting, I often am interrupted by a wayfaring forumite due to a delay in the forum, and it totally, like, cramps my flow.


Mostly late at night


Just happened again. For about four hours.


Not really. It was intermittent throughout the day.


Really? It didn’t let me on at all for four hours.


I had sporadic problems throughout the day. Some were 10-15 minutes. Just now about 30 minutes.


Yay! I was just allowed on again.