dont mean to complain but a sat there with that god awefull ticking going for 5HRS and hit refresh the second the countdown ran out. tried for thirty minutes to get the webpage to load but it wouldnt load fully. tried it on 3 different internet connections. and when it finally loads… no more mystery boxes. just wow. you think they would have boosted the bandwidth a bit more for something like this. >:(


Same thing happened to me man.

Extremely bummed right now :\



Same! I have an order, but I can’t pay for it. How did they all go in under 30 seconds?


sorry dude. Good luck next time. I was very fortunate to get my hands on one myself-my comp tried to crash


Happened to a lot of people. Put one in my cart when 137 were left. Hit checkout now and didn’t load for 20 mins then they were all sold out.


I doubt it. I think the site just crashed out. Pretty poor performance…


Lotsa peeps trying for the same thing at the same time. It’s not YYE’s fault. Contact your intraweb service provider. :slight_smile:


It’s not the bandwidth, it’s the server. The routers and switches can handle the packets with ease, but it’s typically the content and/or merchant services server(s) where the slow-downs are.

Not to sound like a jerk, but by throwing 3 connections at it(what, dial-up, cable and ADSL via three different computers and stand-alone operatoins) at once, you’re only contributing to the problem. Even with a router splitting it up over 3 WAN connections, you don’t really have control over which connection you’re going through unless you’re prioritizing MAC addresses to specific ports.

Either way, yeah, those sold out fast. It’s like a CLYW release except completely different.


Yes, much cheaper. :slight_smile:


I just don’t see the point of making a topic while you are a little mad about something…no purpose being served here.

(DOGS) #11

At least nobody has said “If you’re going to sell them have enough for everybody” yet.


I don’t know, it got kicked out of my cart twice. It said failure, then I was about to be charged $5.95 for shipping with no items. I still got one luckily. :wink:

2 years in a row


The reaction has been much calmer than last year (so far) :wink:


contact yye.
same thing happened to me. they just said to send them the 45.95 via paypal to


Yup, just did that, got it. How very nice.


I wound up getting two of them. I already managed to get it taken care of, though.


One of my friends got one i would’ve tried but i don’t have $40 at the moment only $20.


I tried the three consecutively not at the same time and it was two different cable connections and a t1. mine, then a neibours house, thne sprinted to the office building right across the street since i know the it guy. im just saying they new there would be intense traffic and next itme they might want to be better prepared. i waited all year for this and and on two of the connections the website itself would even load. it just upsets me that i hit refresh the second the countdown ended and couldnt get one because it woldnt load, so no fault of my own and when i hit refresh there wouold have been plenty there


Happed to me and i got mine!


That was pretty wild last night. At first I was pretty disappointed. When I refreshed at zero there were 138 left. Really 138? I thought this was going to be rare, maybe 20 or 40 max. Not 138. I went ahead and picked one up for my son for Christmas and yeah it was pretty slow. When it went through (I payed with paypal) I refreshed and it was down to 72 at 12:08. Wow, I’m surprised that many sold so quickly. At first I was like, dang I didn’t have to sit at the computer so long waiting to refresh. Then I refreshed again and it was down to 30 at 12:10. Then I refreshed one last time at 12:12 and they were sold out. So it looks like 12 minutes all 138 plus were gone. That is pretty amazing if you ask me.