website to slow to get box???

Today I was hoping to snag a box and was fortunate to catch the first email two minutes before the first boxes dropped. As soon as it hit 0 I started my order but it took over a minute between each screen in the ordering process. By the time I finished they were all gone. My computer is pretty good, I run pretty heavy video games on here and I have good internet connection…did I do something wrong? How did other people even order that fast?

same here. dang that was fast. >:(

I made it too the check out page. Entered my payment method, thought it was a done deal. I was wrong, site stated there were zero in stock. Bummed.

The bog-down can be somewhere in your upstream, the remote server, the merchant services server, the store server, or some link in between.

A fast connection from your location to your provider doesn’t guarantee good speeds past their gateway routers.

I got one from my phone.

Same thing here. It barely went through.

I’m trying from a phone too.

No luck! I wanted one to give to my little brother as a birthday present…

I tried the first time with a phone, unsuccessfully.